Airtel Data Plan of N1000 Gives 4.5GB And N2000 For 9.5GB

Airtel just introduced another data plan which gives you 4.5GB for N1000 and 9.5GB for N2000 respectively.

Airtel, Glo and 9mobile are surprising their customers with cheap data plan especially as we are nearing festive season. These three networks are really trying with mtn increasing the price of their data plan without increasing the allocated data.

This new airtel data plan gives its users the opportunity to stream on YouTube for free and valid for 30 days. I say this is way better when compared with 9mobile unlimited streaming.

Let me give you the full list of new airtel data plan plus free YouTube streaming.

List of New Airtel Data Plan Plus Free YouTube Streaming

Airtel YouTube free streaming

Recharge N1000 and get 4.5GB data (1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N2000 and get 9.5GB data (3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N2500 and get 15GB data (5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N3500 and get 17GB data (7GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N4000 and get 19GB data (9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Each of the data will last you for 30 days and the YouTube free data is only usable at night.

You should know that normally, airtel data plan of N500 gives you 1.6GB in total valid for 14 days while the N1500 gives 6GB in total valid for 30days. I will advise you to go for airtel, 9mobile cheap data or maybe Glo if you have strong network. I don’t see any reason why someone will subscribe for mtn N1200 data for 3GB whilst you can get better data bundle on other networks.

How to Subscribe to the New Airtel Data plan plus Free Streaming

Recharge your phone with any option you want and dial *323# and follow up. Afterwards enjoy you data plan plus free YouTube streaming at night.

That’s it on the new airtel data plan plus free YouTube streaming, don’t forget to share this post and comment below thanks.

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  • I subscribe weekly on MTN I get N500 for 2gb….and that is N2000 for 8gb @30days

    Chybyke December 23, 2017 11:37 am Reply

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