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New Airtel Double Data Offer: How To Be Eligible

How to know if you are eligible for the new airtel double data offer. It’s not a news that some of our local network providers are giving us double data offer whereby you get times two of any internet data you subscribed for.

Few months back, the likes of mtn and 9mobile network stopped theirs and recently Airtel seemed to discontinue theirs too. But right now they have reintroduce the airtel double data offer again. But the sad part is that it is sim selectiive, that is it not applicable to all airtel sim numbers.

And i must tell you that i don’t know the procedure airtel used for their double data offer. I can’t tell if there’s a package or service that you must be before you can be eligible. But what i know is that it is not applicable to old airtel customers cause i bought new sim and it was eligible for the airtel double data offer.

What is Airtel Double Data Offer

Airtel double data offer For those of us that are new to this, airtel double data offer is that to which you will receive times two of any internet data you subscribed to. For example you subscribed for airtel one month data plan which is 1.5gb but with the double data, it will be 1.5GB Plus extra 1.5GB which is 3GB. So you will get 3GB instead of 1.5GB thanks to airtel double data offer. Even if you subscribed for one day data plan, it will still be times two and vice versa.

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How to Subscribe And Get Airtel Double Data

Well i will say that this double data offer is a thing of luck, so you can try and see if you are eligible. Please try it with the least airtel data plan which is N100 for 10mb or better still go for N1000 for 1.5GB and see if the total allocated data will be 3GB.

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7GB for 2000, 9GB+1GB night for 2500 and 11GB+1GB night for 3000 etc

Dial *144# and subscribe for any data plan of your choice

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