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AliExpress Buying Guide: How Buy & Ship To Nigeria

My name is Amaechi Uchenna and i will show you the best aliexpress buying guide and also how to buy from AliExpress and ship Nigeria in 2018 or 2019.

AliExpress is one of the best online stores you can find in 2018 as it boost thousands of products which ranges from tech to fashion or home furniture. Lots of people buy products from AliExpress both in large quantity or small quantity cause of the cheap prices.

I’m one of those that buy products from AliExpress and ship them to Nigeria since September 2018. And i tell it is so sweet to buy from AliExpress from Nigeria and if you not cautious you may find yourself spending above your limit. Buying from AliExpress is sweet reason is because of the cheap price tag of items there. All those rechargeable lamps that i spend close to N5000 (the good ones) buying in Nigeria, on AliExpress you will get it as low as N500 – N1000 or maybe N2000.

Not only that, their phones are relatively cheap especially their Chinese phones like the huawei, Xiaomi, Gionee, Lenovo, oukitel phones etc. You will see a huge 20k difference from the prices in Nigeria which is extremely high. Yes the Nigeria sellers will tell you the cost of shipping it from China to Nigeria but the fact is that i bought a Xiaomi note 5 pro 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage and silicone glass protection at N62k and shipped it at the rate of N1500 and everything totaled N63500.

I was really shocked cause when i bought the phone, it goes for N75k on jumia and some guys on nairaland were selling it for N73k. They will tell you freebies which in the real sense you are actually paying or paid for those accessories it came with. Alone Xiaomi note 5 pro is N55000 and when you add those accessories it might total to N60k or N65k with the shipping being free or maybe N1500.

Aliexpress buying guide

Before i was in your shoe, so afraid of buying products from AliExpress until one day i decided to give it a try and below is how i did it. My AliExpress Buying guide and how to buy from AliExpress and ship it to Nigeria.

How to buy from AliExpress and ship it to Nigeria

This is how my story started. In November 2017, i heard about the AliExpress November 11:11 where one can get a super smartphone as low as N25000. I was really excited but along the line i said to myself how am i going to place an order on AliExpress, pay for it, have it shipped to Nigeria and also receive the package or order. I Google it and read lots of guide on buying from AliExpress and shipping it to Nigeria but most sites i came across seems that they haven’t even bought anything from AliExpress, and only nairaland was reliable.

When i read about federal government and CBN imposing $100 spending limit, i quickly lost interest more and never thought of it against.

The AliExpress November 11:11 which is like a black Friday came and gone and my mind was off from buying products on this popular Chinese online store. In January 2018, i was in my work place when two guys were talking about the phones they bought from AliExpress, i was really interested in their conversation which i politely joined them.

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Aliexpress buying guide

First i asked them how they did it and the first guy said he bought a refurbished LG g6 smartphone and have it shipped all the way from China to jalingo. I was like jalingo!!! He said yes jalingo and i told them to please enlighten me on how to go about it.

And this is what they said. First download AliExpress apps on your smartphone for easy use and navigation, have yourself a Naira debit card or even a dollar debit card. Open the AliExpress app and create your account make sure you use a correct profile like your name, address, phone number, country, zip or postal code etc. After adding your profile and creating your new account which includes a password, go ahead to explore the online store.

You can use the search button to search for the phone or product you are looking for. You can use the category section to get what you want or get the best store selling the product you want to buy. If you have find the product for example a mobile phone, take a very close look at it by first checking the ratings. If the ratings is below 4.5 don’t go for it especially if it is your first time. Then another thing that you should check is the number of sales the product has. As a newbie go for the one that have lots of sales which in turn will have lots of reviews.

When checking out the reviews, it will show you review from Nigeria if at all there is but if not you will see zero there. It doesn’t necessarily mean that no Nigerian bought the product but maybe they didn’t make a review. So review is one of the major thing that you should do when making an order on AliExpress, from the reviews, you will know if the product is good enough or not and if the shipping is fast or not.

After analyzing the number of sales, the rating and the review then you can go ahead to place your order. You can choose to fund your account through ALIEXPRESS Pocket for easy refund in terms of cancelation of product or refund or pay directly through your Naira debit card or dollar debit card.

After selecting the option the product has, checking out the final price, what next is to click on the buy button. When typing in your card details, you may come across “Appeal”. This is for security of transactions which you may be asked to upload some documents to show you acquire the cards you want to pay with legally. So, for every card you plan to use, get the appeal documents ready. They’re picture of the front view of that card (only the first 6 and last 4 digits are needed to be revealed. Block the rest) and the account statement of the account linked to that card.  Through mobile banking you can request for your account statement for the month and after that use a screenshot of an e-alert your bank sent to you.  The above will be in addition to the pix of a govt issued ID card( use permanent voters card or Nigerian passport or Nim ID card) of the AliExpress account owner. Appeal typically takes 1-3 business days if properly done.

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After the above you are good to go. Place your order and please try to contact the seller maybe by chatting him or her up, tell the seller to add your full name plus your phone number on the package. Reason for this is to enable the delivery people to contact you when it reaches its final destination. When you successfully place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from AliExpress with a receipt invoice and tracking number which you will use to track your order thereafter.

Within one to three weeks you should receive your package. So in September i gave it a try, download AliExpress app from play store, navigate and explore the app for good 7 days(a week) before i decided to place an order. I followed suite by funding my AliExpress pocket in case of refund, checked the best price suitable for me, the ratings, peoples reviews and feedback more especially from Nigerians for me to know if the Xiaomi note 5 pro is original and without defects. I also checked about the shipping which is AliExpress standard shipping and from people’s feedback especially Nigerians, it was a fast shipping.

After analyzing everything, i finally placed my order though i didn’t come across the upload of pic of the debit card or statement of account. I received a notification about the order with the tracking number. I was so happy that every minute i will check the tracking to know where the order is.

On the 9th day i was overjoyed that it reached Nigeria probably Lagos, and on the 11th day it finally arrived at my location. I couldn’t believe it as it was faster than i expected and within the few hours, post office in my location(Ama JK post office in owerri) called me to come and collect my package. I left all that i was doing, asked a colleague of mine 8for a cover up and rushed to the place. On arriving, the person in charge gave me the package but requested that i should give her the money for the airtime she used to call me. So i gave her N200 and left the place.

Aliexpress buying guide

AliExpress usually send orders to the Nigeria nipost if they can’t locate your address. The guys that i inquired from are working in FMC Jalingo which is easy to locate, so they go there to deliver it right in their office. Addresses which are popular like banks, federal hospitals, or even schools can easily be located otherwise they will dispatch it to the nearest post office. So always check the nearest post office close to you incase they(post office people) didn’t call you for a delivery.

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When i returned back to my office, I opened the package and everything was intact. All that i ordered was there, no scratches, no defects and brand new. When i got home, i explored the phone and it was stunning both the screen display, camera, ram and to the battery life. I was happy and convinced that truly that AliExpress is a good online store and buying from them is so easy and sweet especially if one is cautious.

Ever since then i’ve bought four more products like the Xiaomi Max 2, LG g4 screen, Rechargeable Lamp and a smartwach the same time. All arrived but on different dates and no defects whosoever. And i tell you from now hence forth, is all about buying from AliExpress unless i want to buy a laptop which is lacking in AliExpress except for Xiaomi laptop or few Lenovo laptop.

Let me summarize all that i said about AliExpress Buying guide and how to buy from AliExpress and ship to Nigeria.

  • Download the AliExpress app on your smartphone.
  • Create account with correct information like your name, address, country, phone number and postal code. You can change it any it anytime you want to.
  • Explore the app and use the search button.
  • When you see the search results, calmly go through the results to select the product that suit you best.
  • It ranges from best price, best ratings, number of sales unless it is a new product that just arrived but in this case make use of popular stores with high user ratings.
  • Check the reviews and feedback and also feedback from Nigerians.
  • If the order comes with more options like accessories you can select them or not and add it to your cart.
  • Fund your AliExpress pocket in case you want to cancel the order or return it. AliExpress pocket makes it easy for refun than reverting the money back to your bank account.
  • If you trust the reviews that much just pay with your mastercard or visa card or any other. Don’t forget to ask the seller to add your name and phone number to the package.
  • Go to your cart and place your order. You will receive an email with your receipt invoice and tracking number.
  • Keep tracking your order until you it reaches your destination. With your name and phone number, you will receive a call but if you didn’t check the nearest post office.
  • If your address is bank or school, they might drop it there.

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So this is the my experience and aliexpress buying guide and how to buy from AliExpress and ship to Nigeria. Don’t forget to share this post and your questions and comments are highly welcomed.


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