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Fix Android Device Manager Location Unavailable

This tutorial is how to fix Android device manager location unavailable on you Android Smartphone.

Android device manager is a neat feature that helps you to keep your smartphone safe and secure. Through Android device manager you can easily locate lost devices, make it ring or even wipe data anytime and anywhere. So in case, your phone is stolen at least you can do is to wipe data, to prevent the other checking your personal files.

But sometimes this features doesn’t work pretty well. It shows unknown location and you may need to check your device often because it gets stuck. Android device manager location unavailable is an error reported by numerous users worldwide. This means that this is a general issue and not related to the device model.

If you recently experienced a location error in Android device manager, we have some tips for you to fix the issue. This is a pretty easy trick that is reported to work perfectly and fix Android device manager location unavailable. It worked for me and many other people like you and me who experienced this issue.

Take a look below to learn more about this solution and if it doesn’t work, feel free to let us know in the comment section below and we will try to help you with any problem you may have.

How To Fix Android Device Manager Location Unavailable

Fix Android Device Manager Location unavailable

First of all, make sure your Android device is connected to internet either WiFi or Mobile Data. If you have the chance to use WiFi then do it because your phone will proceed faster.

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The phone that you are currently using must have WiFi turned On and location set to “High Accuracy Mode” even though you may be using Mobile Data. To do this go to Settings > Locations > Mode > High Accuracy (select it)

Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps and find Google Play Services. Make sure you have the latest version installed but first click on it and clear cache memory. If you don’t have the latest version try to update it. This might solve your problem. If not try the other solutions.

After you update Google Play Services reboot your phone and once it is turned on go again to Settings > Apps and find Google Play Services. Click on it and Clear Data and Cache. Start Device Manager and try it again. The issue should be solved.

Also, try using “Mock Locations” feature available on Settings > Developer Options

If the problem is till not solved then your device might have a hardware issue so better ask for a replacement or professional service.

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