Your android phone is running slow, your phone overheats for a single click, you’re having low ram and internal storage, you should use the best android phone cleaner app. Not only it will clean up your phone, but also boost the speed in 2019.

Though some technicians do say don’t use clean and booster apps on android phones, i do always say use it but go for the best.

I can remember when i didn’t clean up my android smartphone for a month, when i did, the junk files was 2gb. And you know what happened, i recovered 2gb that was occupied by junk files and notifications.

Cleaning of android phone and tablet is a necessity and a must that every android users should adhere to. Just imagine using your house or your car regularly for a month or a year without cleaning them, how do you think they will be.

Mind you the dirt that you will sweep out from your house might take 2 buckets of a dustbin, that’s how junk files is to a mobile phone.

When you don’t clean and remove all the junk files from your android phone, the slow your phone and occupy your device internal storage.

There are lots of android phone cleaner apps out there, but on this post, i’ve provided you guys with the best for your smartphone.

Best android phone cleaner apps 2019

The reason why you are here is because you’re looking for the best phone booster app for android, below are the list of them with description.

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1. Clean Master

good android phone cleaning app

My number one favorite app that i use to clean my android phone. Clean master or you say CM is the popular of any clean and booster app for android.

With over a billion installs on google play store with a rating of 4.7/5, easily tells you how good the clean master app is. With the latest updates on the app, it’s not just for cleaning of junk files, but also for antivirus and in boosting performance and battery life.

If you recieve tons of notifications on your android phone, use clean master. It’s not that it will prevent your phone from receiving the notifications, but rather pack them at one folder which makes it easier for you to delete them at one click go.

Features Of Clean Master

  • Notification cleaner for cleaning junk notifications after reading.
  • Game master for accelerating the loading speed of games
  • Wifi security feature to detect fake wifi and unauthorized connections
  • Integrated app lock for keeping your apps safe

2. Go Speed(good android phone cleaning app)

android device cleaner

Go speed is another best android phone cleaner app in 2019, and as the name implies, is all about speed.

Go speed app helps in boosting your phone by shutting down apps that are occupying your device ram. These apps are currently not in use, but because of auto start they run on your phone background.