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AnonyTun Pro VPN APK Free Download(Latest Version)

Anonytun pro vpn apk is currently one of the best vpn handler which you can use to surf or browse anonymously on your android phone for free.

Okay guys right now we are in 2019, i’ve provided you guys with AnonyTun Pro apk latest version for 2019 which you can as well use it to browse the internet or chat on whatsapp or do Facebook or Instagram for free. Yes it is possible but only if you have the right settings with you. Mind you this the pro version which contains more features lots of servers(countries), unlimited bandwidth and many more.

When it comes to free vpn for android, I tried so hard to give you my readers the best of them, and this anonytun pro apk vpn isn’t left out. You need not to fear about the security as it is a secured and trusted vpn for android phone and tablet. I know that some or may be most of you may not know what is anonytun pro vpn apk, so first let’s discuss about it.

What is AnonyTun Pro VPN Apk

AnonyTun pro vpn apk

AnonyTun Pro vpn is a virtual private network(vpn) developed by a group called out of tunnel which helps in bypassing restricted site,Unblock sites, browse anonymously through its free SSL tunnel, http tunnel or tcp tunnel and give a secured connection to protect your privacy. AnonyTun vpn apk was released on may 7 2017 and since then, the free vpn app have become one of the most used vpn in the world for mobile phones especially Android OS.

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Features of AnonyTun Pro vpn apk

It is necessary to take at the features of a vpn especially a free one before you can go ahead to use it. So let’s take a look at the features of anonytun vpn apk

Clean and neat design with super user-friendly
• NO registration needed
• NO ROOT required
• Endless list of countries to connect to worldwide!
• Simple one click to connect
• Super fast AnonyTun Pro speed proxy
• Proxy any apps and sites in any country
• IP vanish/ IP Fake
• Hotspot VPN
• 100% unlimited free VPN proxy!
• Proxy VPN for VOIP
• It’s fast, free and secure
• No Bandwidth limitation (Unlimited Bandwidth)
• SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and TCP Tunnel
• Bypass any type of restriction
• It’s FREE

One thing i like about anonytun pro vpn is the fact it is light weight and easy to set up and use. It has similar set with http injector ehi file or will i say they look alike in terms of settings. Note that just like other vpn apps  anonytun has ads running in the background though i haven’t experienced battery drain when using it.

AnonyTun Pro vpn apk requires from android 4.1+ and at least 512mb ram for it to run properly. This is the reason why i said that the vpn app is light weight.

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Download AnonyTun Pro VPN APK

Thanks to the fact that this app is available on Google play store, you can head over there and download it or download it from the link below;

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AnonyTun pro vpn apk v8.2

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