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AnonyTun Settings: How To Use AnonyTun VPN

Right on this post, i will teach you anonyTun settings or how to use anonytun vpn apk on your android phone to unblock sites and browse anonymously.

One good feature that like in anonytun vpn is the fact it is very fast when browsing or downloading and another feature is that is free with unlimited bandwidth. Not every free vpn you see will give you unlimited bandwidth since you are not paying a dime to use it. But the developers of anonytun pro vpn gave it us all for free to use. You won’t find it difficult with AnonyTun settings or maybe how to use anonytun vpn as it is easy to set up or configure.

You maybe wondering if this free vpn is well secured and i can say to up 80% and you can use it to unblock and bypass restricted sites like whatsapp, Facebook  Instagram in your country and surf anonymously. The anonytun pro version contain tons of servers(countries) which you can select from and hide you lr identity from the internet.

Features of AnonyTun VPN APK

AnonyTun Settings and how to use anonytun vpn

• Clean and neat design with super user-friendly
• NO registration needed
• NO ROOT required
• Endless list of countries to connect to worldwide!
• Simple one click to connect
• Super fast AnonyTun Pro speed proxy
• Proxy any apps and sites in any country
• IP vanish/ IP Fake
• Hotspot VPN
• 100% unlimited free VPN proxy!
• Proxy VPN for VOIP
• It’s fast, free and secure
• No Bandwidth limitation (Unlimited Bandwidth)
• SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and TCP Tunnel
• Bypass any type of restriction
• It’s FREE

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Lets head over on anonytun settings or how to use anonytun vpn apk in 2019 on your android smartphone.

AnonyTun vpn settings

Below is my detailed guide on anonytun settings or how to use anonytun vpn to bypass restricted sites on your smartphone in 2019.

1. First you need to download AnonyTun vpn here

2. Install and open the app, on the top right corner of your screen click on the stealth settings.

3. In order to type in your anonytun settings, slide or turn on stealth tunnel. It will make other options below it clickable.

4. If you downloaded anonytun settings file for your mobile network, click on import and locate the folder where you saved it. After that click on the setting file and it will automatically move you back to the VPN app homepage, which you can click connect.

5. But if you don’t have an already configured anonytun settings file, then you will have to set it up yourself. On the connection protocol set it to http.

6. On the connection port, leave it as it was(8080). Turn on connect via proxy and click on edit parents proxy. Type in your IP and Port as required and click OK. For example and Port 8080

7. Turn on Edith tcp and http headers, click on detit custom tcp and http headers. This is where you will have type the correct settings of your preferred network.

8. If you have a working proxy that browse free on your network, this is where you will type it. It is usually on alphabets like Facebook.com, mtnapp.com, whatsapp.com etc.

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9. So on the url/host, type in a working URL but if you just want to browse anonymously that is unblock sites or bypass restricted sites, use your network URL like for example mtnonline.com, Etisalat.com or leave it completely empty. Don’t type in anything at all.

10. On the request I usually use connect, post and head. But you set it to CONNECT.

11. On injector method leave it to normal.

12. On the query method tick front query or better still leave them empty(untick) .

13. On extra headers tick online host, keep alive, and you can tick forward host. After that click on generate and it will generate the complete anonytun settings for you. All you have to do is to click on save button.

14. Click on save button again and flip back to the homepage and hit the connect button. If you get everything right, anonytun vpn will connect with 1-15 seconds and you can select your preferred country by clicking on best performance.

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So this is anonytun settings and also how to use anonytun vpn apk on your android phone, you can hit the comment box if you have a question.


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