Anytrans is an efficient iPhone manager software that manages your iPhone, iPad, iOs device content and even leverages the process of moving content from Android phone to iOS device.

Anytrans Full Review With Free Download

We have seen that it’s very difficult to port data content from Android device to iOS device.

Anytrans is a handy iPhone manager that lets you transfer music, photos, videos and more from your computer to your iDevice. It has a variety of functions.

This software makes it easy apart from managing every file and every content from iPhone, iTunes backup, even from iCloud. It also breaks the barrier between Android, iOS and enables easy propagation of data. In short it consolidates a plethora of accessibility features of your iOS devices. For e.g., documents, music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo etc.

Features of Anytrans


>>The ability to back up your iPhone and restore backup when you need.

>>You can copy info from your old iPhone to a new one.

>>You can export your contacts with several file formats.

>>You can transfer photo, music, or videos to/from iPhone.

How to Download And Install Anytrans

1. Download Anytrans Software from here and run the .exe file to install the software.

2. As it opens, click on Install to continue with the installation process and this will take some time.

3. Click on Start. As soon as you click on Start, the Windows Services application will start auttomatically. This happens if your AMDS is disabled. If so, then you have to enable AMDS and start it.

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4. Now restart the application.

5. Next connect your iOS device. If the software cannot detect your iPhone/iPad, then close the application and restart it.

6. You can transfer content from your Android phone to iPhone. First of all you have to turn on the developer mode in your Android handset. The image below shows the process of enabling Developer mode in your Android handset.

7. Next, connect both the Android device and the iOS device to your Windows PC. The device setup and driver installation may occupy some time of yours.

Once, connection is established, both the phones will appear on the app page with the content of the Android phones that you want to move in the middle panel. Now transfer the content. the process is very simple.

It’s up to you guys too give anytrans a trial and see how it manages all the files on your iPhone or iPad.