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Best horror games 2018 for android

My Best Horror Games 2018 For Android

Okay guys i need you’ll to check out my best horror games 2018 for android and i bet you will enjoy it and same time be scared.

I’m one of those out there who loves to play horror games both on pc, ps4 and my mobile phone and really i enjoy it a lot especially playing it in the middle of the night. After all, all i got to say is that it is a mobile game and just a game but mehn some best horror games for pc or ps4 can be scary.

Thanks to modern technology you can get the best and stunning graphics games (PUBG for example) on mobile platform and currently we have lots of developers producing sweet and addictive android games. But right here i’m talking about sweet, addictive and scary horror games 2018 for android and i have list my best five.

Best Horror Games 2018 For Android

My list of best horror games for android in 2018 goes below;

The Walking Dead Game

Best horror games 2018 for android

The Walking Dead is a collection of horror games offered by Howyaknow and developed by Telltale Games. The title has its roots from the hugely successful comic book series and TV show of the same name.

The Walking Dead consists of four games in the franchise. Each part has elements of adventure, mystery, gore and intense violence. These qualities come together to offer you scary but entertaining gaming experience.

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In each game, you will play through five episodes trying to survive obstacles, zombies and killers. You will have to buy the four remaining chapters in the game, but you can get only the first part as a download.

Five Nights At Freddie’s 1,2,3

Best horror games 2018 for android


Horror game series Five Nights at Freddies has gradually become a popular app with lovers of scary games. Also known as FNaF, this adventure horror game causes fear with its murderous robots that try to kill you in a pizza place.

During the game, you will act as an overnight security guard who will try to survive the night from attacks by the robots. Filled with elements of a good horror story, the series consists of five installments which you can play through.

Each game has different gameplay but the same sense of gore and horror with the evil robots lurking in its oppressive atmosphere.

Into The Dead

Best horror games 2018 for android

Into the Dead 2 is the latest in a popular series of horror games. It’s an infinite runner. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible. The game also includes a story mode with multiple endings, weapon and ammo perks, and more. The game also includes more game play mechanics than its first iteration. Thus, it’s the one we’d recommend first. The first Into the Dead is still pretty good, though. Both horror games are freemium.

Eyes: Horror Game

Best horror games 2018 for android

I cant talk about the best horror games for android without listing Eyes. Eyes: The Horror Game is said to be the first independent horror title on Android that is played from first-person perspective. The target is to get inside an abandoned mansion, collect the money and get out. But while this sounds all so simple, you need to defy ghastly places. The dark environment, impeding sound manages to create sheer nervousness. The objective is to collect bags and avoid being touched by the ghosts haunting the abandoned mansion. We would recommend you to keep a small torch on the side just in case you are playing in a completely dark and silent room.

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Granny Horror Game

Best horror games 2018 for android

Granny is a popular new best horror game 2018 on iOS and Android in which you have five days to escape from the house of your less-than-welcoming relative. Fail to escape in just five days and Granny will make sure you’ll be staying with her forever. The game itself is fairly simple, but does little to teach you the key mechanics or controls. With impressively good hearing, Granny will be on your case with a baseball bat at the slightest slip-up, making it hard to figure out how to escape

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So that’s my best horror games 2018 for android and they all can be downloaded from the play store though some are paid while some are free. You can use Google search to the paid ones for free.

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