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Best micro sd card for android phones

3 Best Micro SD Card for Android Phones

In this post, we have covered the 3 best micro sd card for android phones or tablets which you can easily get on any nearby store.

It is recommended that as a smartphone user, you should buy best micro sd card for android phone or even iPhone or other gadget that requires an SD card. Reason being that the SD card will last long for you as there are lots of micro sd card that easily gets damaged.

MicroSD is a type of removable flash memory card used for storing information. SD is an abbreviation of
Secure Digital, and microSD cards are sometimes referred to as µSD or uSD. The cards are used in mobile phones and other mobile devices.

It is the smallest memory card that can be bought; at 15 mm × 11 mm × 1 mm (about the size of a fingernail ), it is about a quarter of the size of a normal-sized SD card. There are adapters that make the small microSD able to fit in devices that have slots for standard SD, miniSD , Memory Stick Duo card, and even USB . But, not all of the different cards can work together. Many microSD cards are sold with a standard SD adapter, so that people can use them in devices that take standard SD but not microSD cards.

TransFlash and microSD cards are the same (they can be used in place of each other), but microSD has support for SDIO mode. This lets microSD slots support non-memory jobs like Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication by attaching a device in place of a memory card.

MicroSDHC format is a newer version of the MicroSD which is not backwards compatible. Some older devices cannot use the newer format, although third party firmware is available for some devices. TransFlash cards are sold in 16MB and 32MB sizes. microSD cards are sold in many sizes, from 64 MB to 32 GB, while microSDHC cards are sold in sizes between 4 GB to 64 GB. Larger ones are microSDXC memory cards, sold in sizes between 8 GB and 512 GB. Before going into the best micro sd card for android phones or even iPhone, let’s take a quick overview on the history of micro sd card.

History of Micro SD Card

Best micro sd card for android phones

The microSD format was made by the company SanDisk . It was first called T-Flash, and then TransFlash, before being named microSD when it started to be used by the SD Card Association (SDA). Other flash card formats approved by the SDA include miniSD and standard SD card.

The SDA announced the microSD format at CTIA Wireless 2005 on March 14, 2005, and the final microSD details were announced on July 13, 2005. When they were first sold, the microSD format was sold in sizes of 32, 64, and 128 MB. SanDisk made a 4 GB microSD card on July 2006, at first costing $99 ( USD ). Since then, the prices for flash memory devices have become much lower. At the time of April 2009, the same 4 GB card could be bought for as low as $12 (USD) at department stores , and by May 2009, for as low as $6 (USD) at online electronics stores. In January 2010, a 16 GB micro SD card class 2 cost about $40 (USD), and a 4 GB class 2 micro SD card about $8 (USD).

In February 2014, SanDisk announced a new microSD card, the MicroSDXC. At the time, the cards held up to 128GB. To enable this amount of storage capacity on a removable microSD card, SanDisk developed a proprietary technique that allows for 16 memory die to be vertically stacked, each shaved to be thinner than a strand of hair. At the time of their release, these cards had capacities ranging from 8GB to 128GB, with the prices ranging from $29.99 to $199.99.

Several manufacturers make microSD cards and they consume different amounts of electrical power . Most are in the range of 0-100 mA at a supply
voltage of 3.3 V. TwinMos technologies says that the cards carry a maximum of 45 mA during transfer. Toshiba lists 80-100 mA let’s head over to the best micro sd card for android phones and iphone in 2018 and 2019.

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Best Micro SD Card For Android Phones and IPhone(Brand)

As always the first is usually the best and most popular. No one will ever write or talk about the best micro sd card for android phones and iPhone without mentioning the very first which is the SanDisk.

1. SanDisk Micro SD Card

Best micro sd card for android phones

The best SanDisk micro sd card is the 64 GB SanDisk Extreme SDSQXVF-064G or the top five which are listed below:

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I 128GB

SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-II 128GB

SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-II 128GB

SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash 128GB

SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 64GB
Each of these

All of them which are compatible with all mobile devices that have a micro SD card space. “SanDisk always makes excellent products. Arrived quickly and worked flawlessly and still kicking. Love their products, and I love that they come with SD card–size adapters to make it easier to transfer files or use in cameras or devices that still use SD slots. I personally use their microSDs in phones, consoles, etc., and they’ve never once let me down. For the price, you can’t beat it.”

2. Samsung SD Card

Best micro sd card for android phones

For many people especially people that are into tech, they will say that the Samsung Evo and Evo plus SD card is the best of all micro sd card. I putting it on the number second on my list of best micro sd card for android phones and iPhone doesn’t necessarily means it is the second below the SanDisk. The truth is that the Samsung Evo SD card beats the SanDisk and there’s no doubt about that but the issue is you the buyer getting the original one.

There’s so many fake Samsung Evo SD card and at times getting the original one is difficult unless you go to the right store. Samsung is one of the biggest brands, so you’re likely to sway towards buying a Samsung-branded microSD card, especially if you have a Samsung phone. The Evo Plus is now the entry-level range, with the Pro Plus and Pro Endurance being more expensive.

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We tested the 128GB card, but it’s also available in 32GB/64GB/256GB capacities.
The packaging boasts of “Write Speed up to 90 MB/s” and we saw a sequential write speed 84.3 MB/s so it’s not far off the claim. Read speeds weren’t quite up to the 100 MB/s claim but at 88.3 MB/s, you won’t be disappointed given the price of the Evo Plus.

For phone and tablet use, you’re more interested in 4KB performance, and here the Evo shines: it scored 10.5 MB/s when reading and 4.7 MB/s when writing.
This makes it one of the best choices overall, especially if you’re sticking it in a phone that’s capable of recording 4K video.

You can buy microSD cards that work out cheaper per gigabyte, but the Samsung Evo Plus offers the sweet spot where you get great performance at a great price.

3. Kingston SD Card

Best micro sd card for android phones

The number 3 on the list of best micro sd card for android phones and iPhone is the Kingston SD card. One of the oldest and most storied names in the memory field, Kingston has been making microSD cards since the standard was set.

Kingston card is a UHS Class 1 memory card. According to the SD Association, that means it’s capable of capturing “large sized HD videos.” Kingston claims 90MBps read speeds and 45MBps write speeds, but as we’ll see, it gets a little more complicated than that.

The Kingston UHS-I card is black with gold lettering and comes with a standard, black full-sized SD adapter. The card itself fits into phones and tablets without a problem; with its adapter, it will fit into digital cameras and PCs.

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These are the the three best micro sd card for android phones, iPhone and iPad or generally for mobile devices.


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