Looking for the best mtn cheapest tarrif plans, this post covers the best mtn call tarrif that you can get in 2017.

There are lots of tariff plan(s) in mtn but everyday we continue to search for the cheapest mtn tariff plans with migration codes which will be convenient for us.

With the way things are in the country including mtn Nigeria, even the rich wants to migrate to a better package in which his or her airtime won’t be deducted easily. In this article, we all be looking at the mtn cheapest tariff plans you can get in this 2017 and this page will be updated with any new development.

Topic 5 cheapest mtn tariff plan 2017 with migration codes

MTN Cheapest Tariff Plans 2017 with Migration Codes

 So let’s take a look at them starting with the top 5  mtn cheapest tariff plans in 2017.


 This is still my number one mtn cheapest tarrif plans in 2017 though i must admit that people who are interested in internet data may not fancy this at all. Let’s take a look at features of mtn pulse;

>> You get to enjoy cheap rates on national calls. To be specific, for every minute you talk on MTN pulse, you pay just ₦6.6. This would mean that with just a hundred naira, I can discuss with my folks over the phone for almost 15 minutes! (There’s a catch).

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>> While other MTN subscribers are getting 750MB for ₦500, you get 1GB for the same amount (valid for a week).

>> You are the only MTN subscriber eligible to browse at night for almost free – 500MB for just ₦25.

>> On every recharge of ₦100/₦200, you get a data bonus of 10MB/20MB – once a week and valid for only 24 hours.

To migrate to mtn pulse, dial *406# and it is free except you subscribe twice in month.


My second mtn cheapest tarrif plans which is the very best for most people using mtn Nigeria network. Okay according to mtn which says that if you are an MTN BetaTalk subscriber, you get to enjoy 200% bonus on any recharge above ₦100 you make. So every recharge you make while a BetaTalk subscriber, you are slammed 200% bonus airtime.

Let’s take a look at it again. Let’s say you are on mtn beta talk and recharged N100 airtime to your sim, you get N100 for the recharge with a bonus of N200 thereby making it a total N300.

If you recharge N200 airtime you will get a bonus of N400 plus the N200, if you recharge N400 airtime you will get a bonus of N600 plus the N400 making it a total of N1000.


>> The airtime you get while on this tariff plan can be used to call any network in Nigeria. It can also be used to send text messages and browse.

>> Calls are charged at 40kobo per second – ₦24 per minute. So this implies that with just ₦100 recharge you get to talk with your folks for 12 minutes 30 seconds!

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To migrate to mtn beta talk dial Dial *123*2*6#


MTN introduced this package and mtn xtraspecial special middle of last year and many are not aware of this mtn tariff plan.

MTN XtraPro is the new MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make call at 11k/sec (6.60k/Min) on flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5 but if in some cases.

MTN were not able to charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) with an additional benefit to health tips for 7 days.

To migrate to mtn XtraPro dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 401 to 131.

Top 5 cheapest mtn tariff plan 2017 with migration codes


MTN XtraSpecial is also the new Tariff plan that charged its customers at 15k/Sec (N9/Min) on a flat rate basis to all networks in nigeria with no daily access fee.

Call some selected international destination at the same rate above with an additional benefit of 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service.

To migrate to mtn xtraspecial dial *408# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 408 to 131.


The last but not the least is mtn true talk which is another package that i will recommend to those looking for the mtn cheapest tariff plan 2017. 

MTN Trutalk+ call tariff plan allows one to make calls at cheaper rates. Customers on this cheap tariff plan can make calls to any network for as low as 11k/second and calls to international numbers at 20k/second.

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View the international numbers billed at this amount by dialling *123*21#.

Just like the MTN Xtra Pro call plan – a daily access fee of ₦5 is charged to your line once the first call for the day is made.

How To Migrate To MTN TruTalk+ Tariff Plan

Simply dial *123*20# OR by text TP to 131

And that’s my top 5 mtn cheapest tariff plans 2017  with migration codes and if you have any which you think is better, please add it here thanks.