Get the best power bank price in Nigeria in 2018 and upwards and sold on jumia, Kinga or any retail shop around you.

Demand for power bank is at high rate and caused by the inadequate power supply in the country. I’ve been using power bank or best called portable charger for the past 5 years and have also used tons of it to which i know the best of them sold in Nigeria.

Before going further into this post which is best power bank price in Nigeria, i will have to tell you that there are lots of fake power bank in Nigeria. I know what i went through before buying original power bank in Nigeria and in this post, i will give you links of those that sales them. Not only that, how you as a person can identify the original and fake power bank when you spot one.

Okay guys let’s head straight to the best power bank price in Nigeria 2018.

Power Bank Price in Nigeria

Note that i will continue to update this post for more new portable charger or power bank in Nigeria.

1. Romoss Sense 4

If you are looking for a power banking to buy in Nigeria, you should have Romoss portable charger on your mind. By October this year, it will be 5 years that i’ve been using Romoss and i’m yet to experience any issue with it.

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My Romoss sense 4 charge my Smartphone with 3000mAh battery capacity up to 5 times before it goes off. And bear in mind that the capacity of Romoss sense 4 power bank is 10400mAh and the sense 4 Pro which is 11000mAh.

The romoss sense 4 doesn’t have lcd timer while the sense 4 pro do have it. To identify the original and fake romoss power bank, take a closer look at the two ports beside it and you will see tiny fire like symbols like the Pic below.

Best Power Bank PriceBuy best romoss sense power bank from Jumia (here)

2. Romoss Solo 5

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaBest Power Bank Price in NigeriaRomoss solo 5 a monster that you don’t have to worry about power shortage. 10000mAh capacity can charge easily an iPhone 6s for 4.9 times, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for 2.3 times or iPad mini for 1.4 times.

The solo 5 is a Fast Charge & Self-charge. Built-in 2.1A input & output enables you to charge your devices faster than an average power bank. It gets fully self-charged in just 6.5 hours, 50% faster compared with a common external battery that gets charged in 13 -14 hours.

Get the best price of romoss solo 5 from Here in jumia

3. Romoss Solo 6 (Monster Capacity)

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaUltra high capacity 16000mAh power monster gives your devices a sustainable power supply, that can charge your iPhone 6s more then 6 times. Enough power to keep you going for a week.

The solo is a Fast Charge & Self-chargeBuilt-in 2.1A input & output enable to charge your devices faster than before and get fully self-charged in just 6.5 hours, 50% faster than most conventional external batteries.

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Get the best price in romoss solo 6 from Here in jumia

4. Anker Power Bank

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaAnker power bank(a) are very powerful but same time expensive and it comes on three different variants; PowerCore+, PowerCore II, Astro. Anker portables chargers are very great and as at this time of posting, there’s no much fake anker chargers in Nigeria. Today buy one for yourself, please save up to N10,000 and above and you wouldn’t regret having one. You can check all the models of anker power bank Here, select the one that suite you or with the best price and ead over to Jumia here and buy it from there.

Note that it is very hard to see anker power banks on retail shops and many are fake ones. To know if your new anker portable charger is original go through Here(anker verify website) and insert the serial number or code. Again note that it should be properly packed in a small carton with prescription inside it.

Get the best price on anker power bank(s) from Jumia

5. New Age

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaNew age is my very first power bank before o met romoss and Co. First series of new age power bank wasnt strong and which made me to move over to romoss, but right now they have produced lots of good portable chargers.

Please there are lots of fake new age power bank in the market and why i love to buy it from jumia is in case of it being a fake one. I will jukuma return it to jumia and select another one. New age portable chargers are very affordable and comes on different prices, go through Here to search and make your choice

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6. Oraimo Power Bank

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaAs many portable chargers especially the ones sold in Nigeria are manufactured in China, oraimo portable charger is one of the best you can have for your smartphone. Oraimo battery capacity is from 2000mAh to 20000mAh and indeed they are truly long lasting especially the one that with high capacity. I’ve used this power bank before giving it to my brother and right now it up to 3yrs and still serving hin.

Oraimo 10400mAh powerful bank can charge your smartphone with 4000mAh capacity up to 4-timrs and from 0% – 100% respectively. And this is why i added it to is list.

To check get the best oraimo power bank on Jumia check here.

7. Xiaomi Power Bank

Best Power Bank Price in NigeriaXiaomi portable charger is one of the best portable charger that you can buy for smartphone. It is very powerful, durable and long lasting. One thing that is skeptical about xiaomi power bank 8s that there’s so many fake ones out and one should be very careful when ordering for one.

Please continue to visit this page for more on best power bank price in Nigeria.