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Best sd card reader for iPhone

Best SD Card Reader for IPhone: Including IPhone 8

Having made a similar topic for android, this is the best sd sd card reader for iPhone which includes the latest iPhone 8.

The iPhone sd card reader gives a huge help to the iPhone by expanding its external memory or capacity and to move files easily on the device. In this case memory capacity of the iPhone is large which gives adds value and benefit to the user. No need to worry about the “memory full” when downloading or installing apps on your iPhone 8.

Here are some of the best iPhone SD Readers available to transfer files between Camera and iPhone including the iPhone 8 or iPad.

Best SD Card Reader for iPhone and IPhone iPhone 8

1. YiKaiEn iReader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

The first on our list of best sd card reader for iPhone. YiKaiEn iReader provides professional security by supporting password unlockingand fingerprint unlocking features. This memory card reader allows transferring data from SLR Camera and Trail Camera.

The iPhone memory reader will work on iPhone 5 and above versions. This memory card reader for iPhone supports 8 GB and 128 GB MicroSD. The card reader is coming in a cute compact designed enclosure.

2. IMEEK SD TF Card Reader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

IMEEK comes with three interfaces; a Lightning connector for iPhones, MicroUSBfor Android, USB connector for Windows/Macs. This iPhone Card reader allows data transfer directly. With IMEEK, you can Playback videos/music, Restore contact list and Read documents in all file formats.  In addition to this, this iOS SD card reader can act as a voice recorder.

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IMEEK iPhone card reader can read at a speed of 20-27M/S and 11-20M/S for writing. You can transfer images from your camera by inserting the micro SD card reader directly to this reader.

RAVPower Lightning to SD Card Reader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

RAVPower Lightning SD card reader is coming with 64GB built-in memory. The SD Card offers an additional 128GB memory card support. This Lightning to SD card reader is compatible with iPhone and iPads. RAVPower support exFAT file format that enables the reader to transfer files even with more than 4GB is size.

The SD reader can share the files direct to Facebook and other social media channels. The USB 3.0 standard offers high transfer speed. This SD card reader does not support to transfer Digital Management Rights Protected media files from iTunes.

IOGear USB-C 3-Slot Card Reader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

The IOGear USB-C 3-Slot Card Reader is the best SD card reader for most people because it’s affordable (usually less than $20) and produced fast speeds during our SD, microSD, and CF tests, every single time.

In our SD card test, the IOGear had read and write speeds of 84 MB/s and 72 MB/s, respectively. When reading and writing to the microSD card, it had speeds of 85 MB/s and 64 MB/s, and in our CF card test, it had read and write speeds of 144 MB/s and 114 MB/s.

Transcend USB 3.1 Type-C Multi-Card Reader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

On our list of best sd card reader for iPhone is the Transcend USB 3.1 Type-C Multi-Card Reader.

we recommend the Transcend USB 3.1 Multi-Card Reader. It was as fast as the IOGear in nearly every test, except for its awful microSD write speeds on Mac. For more information on the Transcend’s speed tests, please see our full guide.

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The Transcend supports SD, microSD, and CF cards, plus it has a Memory Stick slot on its back. It also has an indicator light, and a two-year warranty.

IExpand SD Card Reader

Best sd card reader for iPhone

We can’t talk about the best sd sd card reader for iPhone without mentioning the iexpand. iExpand is an operated software of microSD card reader, which is specially made for lightning connector. It is used to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad, PCs and Mac computers. It quickly frees up the memory space on the iPhone and iPad. It works as a lightning connector and auto-sync the photos and videos from the camera roll when it gets connected. It can play the popular format videos like (.MP4 and .MOV as supported in iOS).

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That’s all for now on the best sd card reader for iPhone which includes the latest iPhone 8 or iPad. More information related to this post is highly recommended.

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