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6 Best Trippy Photo Editor For Android

Get the 6 best trippy photo editor for android phones and tablet which will make your photos look good.

Are you a Photo addict that can’t spend a day without taking shots of yourself or maybe your friends, this post is for you as i have come up with the best trippy photo editor.

These 6 best trippy photo editor are for those using android smartphone though ios is coming up shortly. You to add filters to your pics or other features that add great value to your pics snapped on your mobile, you are at the right place as i have six of them that is really good.

Best Trippy Photo Editor For Android

In order not to talk too much let’s head straight to the number one 6 best trippy photo editor for android.

1. Psychedelic camera

Best trippy photo editor

Psychedelic camera is a free photo-editing application that gives users a trippy camera effect on their photos and videos. However, the mask out and video option is only available to devices with Android version 5+.

The camera effects in this app are fun and definitely psychedelic. It’s easy to use, and although some times the effect doesn’t mask as well as I would like it does pretty good job of filtering parts of the image.”

Download Here

2. Trippy Effects

Best trippy photo editor

Trippy Effects is a photo-editing application that lets users edit their photos and add psychedelic trippy filters. Simply select the image and add the filters that they want to create personal digital art pieces in just seconds.

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Trippy Effects has a number of different settings to make your photos look psychedelic and fun! Easy to use! This is the only app you will need to create memorable pics. Has great reviews and will be a source of fun to use every day! Make you FB pics come alive and have all your friends liking and commenting on your pics”

3. 3D Effect

Best trippy photo editor

The third on the list of best trippy photo editor for android is the 3D Effect which is a free Android photo-editing application that allows users to capture 3D photos or add 3D effect on their photos, which is easy to task by just adjusting the orientation of the 3D effect.

Download Here

4. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Best trippy photo editor

Bonfire Photo Editor is a professional photo editor providing stunning effects. It enables you to improve your photos in a real-time way. It also provides a user-friendly interface to adjust the filters.

Download Here

5. Trippy Effects – Psychedelic

Best trippy photo editor

Trippy Effects – Psychedelic Camera is a free app where you can edit your photos and make them look trippy, glitchy and fun through its colorful filters. It features trippy photo effects, aesthetic filters, glitch effect and abstract art.

Download Here

6. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Best trippy photo editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor is an app that stands out for having a huge amount of features. While users can simply add effects or slightly adjust photos, there are also many unique templates that can be applied.

Download Here

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These are the six best trippy photo editor for android, will continue to upload more.

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