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How To Buy Xiaomi Phones In Nigeria: My Detailed Guide

In this article, i will give you a detailed guideline on how to buy Xiaomi phones in Nigeria.

Xiaomi phones are now on the trend even right here in Nigeria especially after the release of the Xiaomi note 5 and redmi 5 plus. Some guys on nairaland and some blogs really did a nice job by creating the awareness of the Xiaomi brand, which many of us wasn’t aware of especially on the how to buy Xiaomi phones. 

I’m one of those that have the Xiaomi phone, which is the redmi 4 and Xiaomi note 5 pro. I can tell you that it beats infinix zero 5 or  note 5 or even tecno phantom hands down especially the Xiaomi MI Mix. Seriously after getting to know about the Xiaomi phone brand, i don’t think i will again recommend tecno or infinix mobile phones to people again unless there is a huge upfrade from them.

I know that the likes of infinix did a nice job on infinix note 5 and zero 5 but i don’t think i will compare it to Xiaomi note 5 though they almost have the same price tag. Before going into how to buy Xiaomi phone in Nigeria, let’s look at quick overview of the company.

Xiaomi Company Overview

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics.

On 6 April 2010 Xiaomi was co-founded by Lei Jun and seven partners:

Lin Bin, vice president of the Google China Institute of Engineering

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Dr Zhou Guangping, senior director of the Motorola Beijing R&D center

Liu De, department head of industrial design at the University of Science and Technology Beijing

Li Wanqiang, general manager of Kingsoft Dictionary

Wong Kong-Kat, principal development manager

Hong Feng, senior product manager for Google China

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and has rapidly gained market share in China to become China’s largest smartphone company in 2014.

As of the start of Q2 of 2018, Xiaomi is the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer,  leading in both the largest market, China, and the second-largest market, India. Xiaomi has expanded into developing a wider range of consumer electronics, including a smart home (IoT) device ecosystem.

How To Buy Xiaomi Phones In Nigeria

We ask this question how to buy Xiaomi phone or where to buy Xiaomi in Nigeria. If you Google it you will see some guys on nairaland or some sites posting various Xiaomi phone price and asking you to buy from them. Well if you trust them that much you can go ahead and buy from them but i realized one thing.

And what is the thing that i realized, buying Xiaomi phone in Nigeria is way too costly as to when you buy it from AliExpress. Most of the people you see selling Xiaomi phones on nairaland, other websites or even on jumia bought it from AliExpress.

How to buy xiaomi phone in Nigeria

Let me use Xiaomi note 5 pro as example. In Nigeria probably jumia, guys selling on nairaland or even on konga, Xiaomi note 5 is priced from 67-80k for 3GB Ram and 4GB Ram respectively. But in AliExpress, note 5 pro is priced from 52-65k for 3GB Ram and 4GB respectively.

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I bought a black Xiaomi note 5 pro 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage with glass protection directly from Xiaomi store in AliExpress which cost $174 approx N62,500 on gtbank exchange rate. But right here in Nigeria, it will cost me a whopping N75,000 to get a 4GB Ram Xiaomi note 5 with 64GB and a silicone glass protection.

Again i recently bought a Xiaomi mi max 2 for a friend because of the monster battery capacity which is 5000mAh and it only cost N58,000. It featured a 4GB ram and 64GB internal storage but they are selling the exact specs 73k in Nigeria whilst with additional 15k you will get max 3 on AliExpress.

How to buy xiaomi phone in Nigeria

So if you asking on how to buy Xiaomi phone in Nigeria, i will ask you to buy it from AliExpress which you will save lots of cash for other purpose. You don’t need be to afraid on buying from AliExpress as you can go through this post on how to buy phones or other products from aliexpress from here

I hope i’ve answered your question on how to buy Xiaomi phone in Nigeria. 

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