MTN N0.0k Free Browsing With Http Injector Ehi File 2018

Mtn N0.0k free browsing with http injector ehi file in 2018 is currently on the trend, as you can browse 100% free on your mtn sim. This mtn N0.0k tweak on http injector is superb because you will get a maximum internet speed that you desired. And not only that, it is free that you will

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9mobile Data Plan – Prices And Subscription Codes

As 9mobile have taken over etisalat network, they introduced their own 9mobile data plan for their subscribers and which is applicable to any device with Internet connection. 9mobile have three categories of data plans which includes the Internet bundle, smartpacks and of artphone plans. Having gone through the three options there, the best is the Internet bundle. The smartpacks are

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MTN Data Plan: Price And How To Subscribe

When it comes to affordable internet in Nigeria, i give it to mtn data plan and also airtel data plan. This two network offer the cheapest data plans in the country at the moment and with the double data offer, it even gets better. Another thing i like about mtn is that their network is very fast when browsing

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Rogers Internet Canada: All You Need To Know

Rogers internet is a Communication that provides high speed internet service from coast to coast in Canada, including every province, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Founded in 1960, Rogers is one of the two biggest telecommunications providers in the nation. Its base plan starts at 5 Mbps download speed with a 25 GB monthly data cap.

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[Latest] MTN Night Plan 2018: 125MB FOR N25

Latest mtn night plan 2018  25 Naira for 125MB & N50 for 250MB MTN Nigeria reviewed their midnight plan in which mtn slashed their usual 500mb for N25 to 125mb which is relatively poor to many Nigerians. But according to the giant telecommunication company in Nigeria(mtn) that their new night plan can be subscribed twice

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9 Mobile/Etisalat Night Plan 2018: Subscription Codes And Prices

Get the latest 9mobile/Etisalat night plan 2018 with their subscription codes and prices for all smartphone be it Android or IOS. 9mobile followed the footsteps of the other networks in Nigeria by providing affordable Etisalat night plan or you can now say 9mobile night plan for its subscribers. Right now, all of the four major network in Nigeria including glo

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New Airtel Double Data Offer: How To Be Eligible

How to know if you are eligible for the new airtel double data offer. It's not a news that some of our local network providers are giving us double data offer whereby you get times two of any internet data you subscribed for. Few months back, the likes of mtn and 9mobile network stopped theirs and recently Airtel seemed

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How to Check Glo Data Balance With The Best Method in 2018

This blog post contains tremendous best way or method on how to check glo data balance in 2018 on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or pc. Sometimes we tends to forget the ussd code in checking data balance especially codes that relates to data plan, unless it is checking of airtime. It is good to always check your glo data balance so

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Latest Mtn Cheat 2018 For Android, iPhone And PC

This page will be strictly on latest mtn cheat 2018, and i will keep updating this page with any new updates so always endeavor to check back. Right now mtn cheat is extremely scare cause of the way mtn network are blocking any bit of loop holes in their network. So right now, what is on board is

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How To Use Handler VPN 2018[Android]

Most people doesn't know what is a vpn, handler vpn and how to use handler vpn to bypass network restriction and surf the net for free. One can also use a vpn handler to hide identity and surf anonymously without having any issues especially with a good vpn handler. This post covers what is Vpn handler and

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How To Transfer Data On Etisalat(9mobile) 2017

Learn how to share data on 9mobile(etisalat) to your friends and family in this blog post. 9mobile network(etisalat) made data transfer available to their customers and to which you can transfer or share data among 9mobile users. How To Transfer Data On 9mobile(etisalat) 2017 To get transfer data on etisalat using 9mobile data plan, you can transfer data

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Airtel Offering Free 36GB + 15000 Airtime

Airtel Nigeria is offering free 36GB plus N15,000 airtime but it comes under a condition. To get get this airtel free data  and airtime you have to buy Fero 1801 which is priced at a relatively cheap price. Fero F1801 is one the most basic Phone from Fero . It comes loaded with Wireless FM and

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