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Get 1.5GB For N500, 4GB For N1000 On Double Data 2019

This post is a compilation of getting 1.5GB for N500, 4GB for N1000, 8GB for N2000 on our major network providers which is glo, mtn and airtel double data. If you have not been enjoying the 100% free data bonus in 2019 then you're completely behind and should join the trend. The free 100% bonus data

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MTN Double Data 2019: How To Activate It

So right now is mtn double data 2019, how to be eligible and activate it on your android phone, IPhone and PC. After airtel and glo started rolling out their free 100% data bonus on their network, mtn doesn't want to be left behind and they have started giving their subscribers 100% data bonus which can be

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Airtel Double Data Offer 2019: How To Be Eligible

Right now in 2019 and you are still not enjoying the airtel double data ooffe, in Dbanj's voice "you're on a long thing". People are enjoying double data offer from glo, airtel and even mtn. But I can't say for 9mobile(Etisalat) as i don't really make use of them cause of high cost of internet data and

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[Steps] How To Check Bvn Number On Phone 2019

Get all the steps on how to check bvn number on mtn, 9mobile, airtel and glo and not just that even on your first bank, uba, access bank, gtbank etc. There are three methods on how to check bvn number on your phone both offline and online but you know that the offline method is way better.

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What Is Black Data: How To Use Black Data

What is black data and how to use it are the two question anyone will ask if you are seeing it for the very first time.  The name might sound weird to you right, but in real sense black data is a data plan by cell c offered to its subscribers to download, stream on the black entertainment which

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Glo Super Value Pack: More Data More Voice Talk

Glo is giving us glo super value pack which is a voice and data combo offer, that you can use within Nigeria or abroad, while roaming. The glo super value pack comes in two different variants , DATA MORE WITH TALK And TALK MORE WITH DATA. You will be given a data gift which is a corresponding free data

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Airtel 1GB For N350: How To Activate It(Download Bundle)

Airtel just launched a super enticing package which is the airtel download bundle in which you get 1gb data for N350. Okay guys let's get this straight. You have a file of 1gb that you want to download, or maybe not just downloading but you want to stream online. Yes i love to stream online like YouTube videos

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Airtel Data Plan For Android With Subscription Codes

This post entails all the Airtel data plan for Pc, IPhone, Android or any smartphone with internet access with prices and subscription codes in 2018. You all not need to be told that airtel data plan or bundle is currently one of the cheapest or probably the cheapest internet data bundle that you can get at the

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MTN Night Plan Activation Code 2018: N50 For 500MB

Mtn night plan activation code: is no longer a news that mtn network revised their night plan or night browsing middle of this year, which the reduced the allocated data drastically. They mtn reduced it from 500mb for N25 to 125mb for N25 and also N50 for 250MB  Many people complained about it with many opting not

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How To Use MTN MPulse On Pc Through Http Injector

I have provided you with the best method on how to use mtn mPulse on pc. This is 100% working and not only that, it works flawlessly on both rooted and non rooted android phone to pc. Since mtn have really cut us off on mtn N0.0kb free browsing, mtn pulse browsing is the only alternative

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MTN Online Customer Care Whatsapp Number 2018

We have provided details on mtn customer care, mtn online customer care service and mtn customer care whatsapp number currently in this 2018. Have you been looking for a a way on how to how to talk to mtn customer care representative online which includes on whatsapp, we have provided it to you our reader. But please this

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{Latest} Mtn Pulse Migration Code: How to Deactivate It

After talking about mtn beta talk, we are next to mtn pulse migration codes and how to deactivate mtn pulse from your line. You may be thinking about the cheapest mtn tarrif plans or the best mtn tarrif plans, mtn pulse should be on your mind as a customer of mtn and especially if you are a youth.

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