Tutorial: How to Change PLDT WIFI Password 2018

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This tutorial will guide you on how to change pldt wifi password 2018. Because many PLDT user do not change password that is why many CAN connect on their WiFi. And that is very annoying cause you Internet is getting slower. If you want to change or adjust the name of your wifi modem from PLDT, or to change the password, or to do both, here is a tutorial for you

How to change your PLDT WIFI password

Change pldt wifi password

To change wifi password on pldt, follow the below guide.

1. Open your browser and type (in my case I change it 137)
2. login as adminpldt password 1234567890
3. Click on Setup, then Security
4. Click on Encryption type select AES or TKIP or both, if both your password must be numerical and letter.
5. On the “Pre shared Key” Type your WIFI Password

With the above method, you can easily change pldt wifi password in 2018.


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