This blog post is about the best cheapest data plan for Android, IPhone and PC here in Nigeria 2017.

For those of using android phones or iPhone and looking for the best cheapest data plan in Nigeria and for their smartphone, this post will guide through.

Cheapest data plan in Nigeria 2017

For cheapest data plan in Nigeria, let’s start with mtn Nigeria network

1. MTN

Is quite unfortunate that mtn reviewed their data plan, where by 1.5GB for all day goes for N1200 while N1000 is applicable from 1am 7am. MTN weekly data plan of 750mb plus 250mb for N500 is also applicable from 1am 7am.

But i must tell you that i’m still using mtn 1.5GB data for N1000 24/7. I’ve bought data plan 3 times after mtn reviewed their data plan. One thing is that i didn’t let my data as of that time get exhausted and i added extra data to it. Up till the time of posting this, i still recharge for mtn data plan of N1000 and use it all day and working flawlessly.

Mind you with mtn double data top up, you will get extra data bundle of what you recharged for. So mtn N1000 or N1200 gives you 3GB in total and weekly data plan gives you 2GB for N500.

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2. Airtel

If you have fast airtel network in your area, i will recommend you go for airtel data plan. Airtel weekly data plan goes for N500 for two weeks with 1.6GB total allocated data bundle. Airtel smartRecharge gives you N500 recharge gives you N2000 for calls and N3000 for data + extra N3000 for data.

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3. 9mobile

For me i will not recommend 9mobile data plan to anyone looking for a cheap data plan. But you can check out list of 9mobile data plans

5. Glo

Cheapest data plan in Nigeria 2017

Okay Globacom seems to be mesmerizing their customers with cheap and free data plans. For me i’m not enjoying their data for a bit cause of their extreme poor internet connection in my area.

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TThat’s it from me on cheapest data plan in Nigeria 2017 applicable to Android, IPhone and PC.