Musicpleer app apk is a free online music app where you can listen to any music of your choice and quite similar to sportify.

Musicpleer is on the trend with people requesting to have the music app installed on their device. We have tried our best to provide you guys with the download link of the number one music or Mp3 player. One good thing i like about musicpleer is that not only that you can listen to songs from the Mp3 app, but also download the song as well.

What is musicpleer

Musicpleer app apk

Musicpleer is an online music player app and the best online music app in the world. Musicpleer online music player app is very popular in United States and India. Musicpleer app gives you all old and new song whole over in the world. Musicpleer user can download songs from this app. you can search your best song in this Musicpleer app. you don’t need to any fee, email, sing in OR sing up for use this app. this Musicpleer app support on any device.

Most of user find Musicpleer app for android. Musicpleer is one click download option on any song. Musicpleer app is very light white and support on any devices. 1st you need to download this app from google play store by search (Musicpleer app).

After you install Musicpleer app you need to open this app. in the home screen you will find a search box and recent searches. You can search on this app by your best singer or song name.

When you click any song Musicpleer app will open this song in a online music player, you can play song when you do something, you can also minimize this app and song will continually playing.

Musicpleer offers search bar where you can search a new song when you listen other song on the app and the quality is too good. Musicpleer also offers unlimited songs, you don’t need to worry if you will ever find your favorite music there. It contain tons of songs, both old and new, hip pop, pop, jazz, reggae or even christian music etc.

Music Pleer is completely free to use and there is no hidden charges, except it displays Ads. As far as simplicity and database of mp3 files is concerned, Music Pleer beat all other music sites and apps. Unlike some of the most popular music sites, Music Pleer does not host a single file, instead it pulls from other sites. It provides all the related search or queries and makes them available for downloads.

Musicpleer updates its app with the latest song and you must know that they are all copywrite free and cannot be blocked. Musicpleer app apk don’t require any registration unlike sportify which requires one to register or even buy their premium features.

All you need to do is to download musicpleer app apk, install it on your android phone and tablet and explore the music app

Musicpleer Features

Large Collection

Music Pleer has one of the largest collection or library of mp3 songs or files. Since it pulls mp3 files from various sources on the net, finding your favorites is easy. There is less possibility of not finding the songs you are looking for.So, it is one of those ideal place to look for songs and download into your device for offline listening. Like most music apps, it has different genres to choose from. It offer various categories like old, features and latest, which makes it easy for users to quickly search.

Fast Search and Download

MusicPleer scans the entire internet for you and provides you with links to your desired songs for download. It comes with an advanced search function, so it takes just a few seconds to give you the best results possible. It also comes with an advanced conversion functionality, you can also easily download a YouTube file directly in the form of Mp3 files. For this function, you will need to copy the YouTube video URL you want it to convert and paste on the search bar. Within a few seconds, it will give you a link to download as mp3 file or format.

Multiple Downloads

MusicPleer allows users to select and download multiple Mp3 files. The app is designed to consume less phone resources. It is capable of downloading the file at a band rate of 128 kbps.

One of the best thing about MusicPleer is that you can search for regional songs as well. It is a good source to download your own regional music.

MP3 Cutter

This is another great feature of MusicPleer. The Cutter tool lets you cut or remove any unwanted portion of the track and lets you download the file. To make sure that you are downloading the correct tracks, it comes with an in-built player to preview the song before download.

Completely Free

As stated before, MusicPleer is completely free to use and download. All the files provided by MusicPleer are legal. Most of these files copyleft or provided under creative commons. It means that, you land in trouble using Music Pleer and downloading mp3 songs.

Good quality MP3 files

MusicPleer app try to provide the best possible quality mp3 files by performing deep search on the net. It’s advanced mp3 search engine will fetch you the best quality of mp3 files after searching the web. So, with Music Pleer app you could download high-quality mp3 files straight on to your phone.

How to use Musicpleer

There are two methods or ways which you can search and download songs on MusicPleer. The first is through its official web page or website and the other is through MusicPleer app for android. As i said earlier, using Music pleer is quite simple, so searching and downloading you favorites songs is very simple. To search and download songs through the site, just follow the steps below;

Open any browser you have on your phone or desktop and head over to Please note this is the official musicpleer app website as there are some websites claiming to be one.

Once you open the web page, it will present a single web page. Just below the website header, there is a Search bar to search songs. On the search bar, just enter the name of the song you wish to download. You can also search by artist or album name.

Musicpleer app apk

While typing, the search bar will give you suggestive name to help you quickly find songs. Just tap or press enter to search. Wait for a few seconds for the results to display. Searching will takes only a few seconds. However, the time taken for the results will depend on the speed of your data connection.

It will gives the best possible or relevant results in a list along the size of the file. Look for the song your are looking for. Once found, just tap on the song, it will take to the preview and download page. Here you can preview or play the song before download. The built-in play has a basic function such as pause, resume and stop function. Below the player it displays the Song information such as Title, Artist, File Size and date of release.

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To download a song, just tap or click on the download button. Once tapped, the download process will starts automatically and finish in no time.

You can also listen and download songs on musicpleer through their app but i must say that it is not as superb like the website. Once you download and installed the app on to your phone. Just open or launch the app. The app will show you similar home page like its parent website. It will display a list of songs or recent searches.

To search a song, just enter the name of the search bar. All the functionality are the same with its parent website. So just tap on the song to preview or download. To download the songs tap on the download, it will start downloading into you phone. If you want to change the download location, you can do this Through MusicPleer app settings.

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Download Musicpleer app apk

So right now, it is up to you to download and enjoy this sweet lightweight music app.

Musicpleer app apk