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Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Best ppsspp games for android: emuparadise is the most popular and the best when it comes to PSP games for android.

Even right now in 2018, there are lots of PSP games or roms that are very sweet and addictive, and emuparadise gives us the best by providing it free for download. I’ve downloaded and play lots of PSP PPSSPP games on my android phone and seriously they are sweet with stunning graphics.

We have PSP emulator and ROM but thanks to developers that we can play the games on our android smartphone even on iPhone too. Having played tons of PSP iso games from emuparadise, i decided to write this post to the benefit of game lovers on the best emuparadise ppsspp games for android.

Before you can play ppsspp games on your android phone, you will have to first download the emulator for Droid which is called ppsspp emulator. There is a cold version which is paid, but i’ve provided their download links below.

Another thing that i want you guys to know is that PSP roms are very large especially if the game is of quality, it can be up to 1-3GB in size. And also ppsspp games requires good ram like minimum 2GB or 3GB and nice processor else it will hang a lot.

When i first played ppsspp games for android ony LG g2, some games were hanging a lot like pes, God of War, WWE smackdown, lord of arcana etc. But right now that i have galaxy S8, i decided to give it a try and believe me it didn’t hang for a bit and mind you i didn’t lower the quality. All these thanks to large ram and processor of the galaxy S8 that i now enjoy the game to the fullest.

So with the latest smartphone in town, ppsspp games for android can easily be played without lagging or hanging.

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There are lots of sweet PSP roms in emuparadise, but below are the best from my own observation.

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Not to waste your time, let’s head over to the number one on best ppsspp games for android on emuparadise website.

1. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker (USA)

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

You can’t talk of best PSP ROM without mentioning metal gear solid – peace walker. From stunning display to enticing game play that everyone will love to play. The game doesn’t hag for bit and should work on any Android phone.

2. 3rd Birthday

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

From superb graphics display to intensity of the game play. 3rd birthday one of the best ppsspp games for android which revisits the cult 90s favorite Parasite Eve and updates it with intense gameplay, heavy RPG elements, and a new story.

3. God of War – Chains of Olympus

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

One of the popular game we have, the dark world of Greek mythology comes to life right before your eyes. As you take the role of Kratos, a story unfolds with various plot twists and multiple endings that take you through traps, stunts, and puzzles. With a deep combat system built around double chain blade weapons, the game places you in a variety of environments, in which you must fight challenging enemies, swing on ropes, scale mountain cliffs, swim through rivers, and slide down zip lines.

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4. God of War – Ghost of Sparta

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

God of War – Ghost of Sparta is loaded with gore and a compelling story, follow Kratos on his journey through being the Ghost of Sparta as he ruthlessly makes his way passed hoardes of enemies and solves puzzles alongside the iconic Blades of Chaos.

The game offers insight into what happened between the transition of God of War 1 and 2. It is the second entry into the PSP console followed by God of War: Chains of Olympus.

5. Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a prequel to the first game. In BBS you play as three main characters. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. They all wield the keyblade. They also travel to other worlds in search of others who may be worthy of the keyblade.

6. Shin Megami Tensei – Persona 3 Portable

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Persona 3 Portable is a port of Persona 3 FES to the PSP. It also adds the option to play as a female character, which changes many dialogue options and the user interface from blue to pink. However, because the UMD discs not having enough space, some of the content (most notably the cutscences and The Answer, known as Episode Aegis in the Japanese release) had to be cut from this version of the game.

In Persona 3 Portable, you join a group known as the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, known as SEES for short, a group dedicated to investigating and putting an end to the Dark Hour, a time period hidden between one day and the next. During the Dark Hour, things stop working and ordinary people turn into coffins. However, you and the rest of SEES are able to experience the Dark Hour because you have the ability known as Persona, which allows you to explore a labyrinthine known as Tartarus, a procedurally generated dungeon where you fight demons known as Shadows.

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7. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Final Fantasy 7 gives you the background story of the different characters. It has a new style of gameplay, no longer turn-based but still uses turn meters so it has a bit of both styles. You now have free motion during combat, allowing for different strategies. A very good, mission-based RPG with a new style of slot machine style meter that grants bonuses and summons during battle. It is one of the best PSP games and for fans of FF7 it’s like going back home.

8. Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

The game tells the story of a young hero, Ramza Beoulve, and his struggle to protect his beloved ones from the evil Lucavi. The story takes place around the War of the Lions, a conflict occurring due to the death of the King Ondorria, Lord of Ivalice.

9. Lord of Arcana

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

A “BRUTAL” action RPG for the PSP, and spin-off of the arcade-exclusive card battle RPG Lord of Vermilion. Developed by Access Games and directed by Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro.

10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Best Emuparadise Ppsspp Games for Android

Pes 2012 PSP till now is one of the best and popular game on ppsspp, though it was discontinued on and 2012 is the latest version so far.

But still pes 12 ppsspp is still very addictive which made some developers to remod it to 2018 version.

You can check out more on this Winning Eleven 2018 apk download

Pes 2018 ppsspp iso for android

These are my best emuparadise ppsspp games for android, you can still post your own here too.



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