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Fix PES 2017 or 2018 Stuck on Loading During Kickoff

Fix PES 2017 Stuck on Loading During Kickoff. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 or 2017  which was released on September 2016, is one of the best game to play, especially if you love Soccer game.

Many of us don’t have the original or better still the official version of PES 2018, which we downloaded from many source thereby facing a lot of errors in the gameplay.

Fix PES 2017 Stuck on Loading During Kickoff

If you have PES 2017 PTE Patch, you might come across some errors which varies from black screen to PES 2017 or 2018 Stuck at now loading during kickoff. You might have tried everything or methods you saw online, but hey you are at the right place now as i will show you the best method to fix PES 2017 Stuck now loading during kickoff and this method worked perfectly for me.

This method am about to teach you guys isn’t just to fix stuck loading, but rather crashes and black screen and other errors in the game mostly if you installed a patch to your PES 2017.

Sure Method To Fix PES 2017 or 2018 Stuck on Loading During Kickoff

Fix PES 2017 Stuck on Loading

1. First you need to download DLC PES FIX BY B4byand extract it on a folder of its own. Please you don’t need to extract it to your PES 2017 folder and the rar password is www.ketubanjiwa.com

2. After you have extracted the game, you will see “dt80_200E_win”  and you have to copy it and replace it with the same file in your PES 2017. To replace the file, copy dt80_200E_win, go to your PES 2017 folder, go to download folder and paste it there. Please overwrite the previous file or better still delete dt80_200E_win in download folder in of your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 before copying dt80_200E_win from PES 2017 DLC folder and pasting it to your download folder in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

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3. Copy DpFileList to Konami>>Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 >>Download folder and paste it there.

3. Install B4by_Fix by using administrator, choose or select Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 by locating where you saved the folder and click fix.

4. Download DpFileList Generator v1.8 by Baris + DLC 2.0 and extract it. Open the DpFileList Generator, in Path Cpk, select your PES 2017 or better still Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

5. In DpFileList path , locate DpFileList in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017>>download and Select it.

6. Scroll to  DLC, select No DLC and check all of them except ptepatch_onl.cpk if you are using PTE Patch.

7. Click Generate DpFileList.bin to generate DpFileList and it must show successful.

8. Go to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 folder, locate PES 2017.exe, right click and run as administrator and you are good to go.


Please when you get to the number 6 above, check all the cpk files there except ptepatch_onl.cpk which is for pes 2017 online gaming. With this it should work for you thank.


1. Download and play Pes 2018 for PSP on Android

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So this is how to fix PES 2017 Stuck on Loading screen during game Kickoff and this method sure will work for you. If you still have any problem on this, feel free to ask your questions thanks.

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