Fastest and best way or method on how to get rid of pop up ads on android with two easy steps.

Pop up ads is one annoying thing one can experience and worse when you start seeing it on your Android home screen. Many websites features this method of displaying ads or info for their users, but it’s very annoying having pop up ads on android home screen which you didn’t activate.

How to get rid of pop up ads on android home screen

I want you to know that pop up ads on android home screen are malware or Trojan. You may say that it is an ad and yes it is but rather a malware which stupid advertisers or publishers disguised in form of an application.

Sometimes Android apps can feature pop up ads but many a time it is a virus that causes this problem. If you install an app or some apps and started seeing pop up ads on your home screen, unistall the apps one by one to find out which app is showing the ads.

But if nothing happened and pop up ads still showing on your home screen, below is how to get rid of pop up ads on android home screen.

How to get rid of pop up ads on android home screen

First let me tell me you this. I got to know that many people that complain of this sudden pop up ads on on their Android home screen were looking for a cracked or free app.

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Then suddenly you see a website that wrote about the app and you rushed to download and install it, afterwards you can’t see the application on your Android phone. And lastly you start to experience annoying ads on your home screen.

I experienced such and almost uninstalled all my apps till i found the solution on how to get rid of pop up ads. This is how i solved it and get rid of pop up ads on android home screen.

1. First download and install Zemana Mobile Antivirus

2. Launch the Mobile Antivirus application on your Android and click on Full Scan. 

3. Allow the scanning to be completed, please don’t try to interrupt the scanning.

4. After Zemana Mobile Antivirus will definitely come up with the problem. Immediately uninstall the app(malware).

5. Sometimes this malware might show you as an admin to your phone, please take a closer look and untick any app that shows no icon. Afterwards uninstall it through the zemana Mobile Antivirus.

6. Finally you are free from the pop up ads.

There’s another strong mobile Antivirus that can help to get rid of pop up ads  and below is how to go about it.

2. Download and install Mobile Security And Antivirus by ESET

a. Launch the application and accept everything, on the home screen click Antivirus and wait for full scan. It will detect the app(malware) for you to ununstall.

Zemana Mobile Antivirus and Mobile Security And Antivirus by ESET is very powerful in solving problems like this, and they really helped me.

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If you are having sudden pop up ads on android home screen use any of the above Antivirus and get rid of pop up ads. Questions and suggestions are highly welcomed here