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Glo 5.2GB for N100 And 10.4GB for N200 Working

Glo 5.2GB for N100 And 10. 4GB for N200: Looking for the best cheapest data in Nigeria, here it is as glo gives out the best offer on internet data plan.

Forget the fact that in most states, globacom network is too poor including my region but they seem to entice Nigerians with the best internet data you can get in android, iPhone or pc plans. But there’s one fact or unfortunate fact about this glo 5.2GB for N100 or 10.4GB for N200 is the fact that it selects sim.

The new glo data plan is sim selective but if you got lucky enough and you have a strong glo network in your area, then you are good to go. This works on anything any type of gadget that have internet access or wifi enabled. Its not going to cost you any things but rather N100 or N200 which is just a token as the least bottle of bear is now N250.

How to get Glo 5.2GB for N100 And 10.4GB forN200

Glo 10.4gb and 5.2Gb

If you have dropped your glo sim, just pick it up from where you kept it and give a trial.

  • First thing you have to do is to migrate your simple to glo Jollification package by dialling *603#.
  • Buy N100 glo airtime through your bank account. On every recharge, you will be rewarded with with a whopping free 5.2GB to browse and download on the internet.
  • To get 10.4GB for N200,buy a glove N200 airtime through OneCard or bank account and you will be rewarded with a 10.4GB internet data.
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After getting your gloves bonus data, totam check your data balance dial #122# and your balance will be be displayed. One thing confusing is about this package is not knowing how one can get this free data except being lucky.

Some will say buy a new sim but i tried it on an old sim and got it but on the a new sim, didn’t recieved anything.

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As glo 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200, is all about being lucky, is up to you to try your own luck too.



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