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Best Handler VPN APK Download In 2018

This post covers the best handler vpn apk which is available in this year being 2018. These vpn handlers helps us to bypass restricted sites and surf the web for free.

I’m one of those that makes use of handler vpn apk because they are good and also free to use. Some that vpns are easy to configure while some are difficult for some people, but generally they are quite okay and easy to use. We all have different motives for using vpn or the handler vpn, to bypass restricted sites, surf anonymously or surf the web for free without any charge from our local network providers. All these three things handler vpns can give you that to the fullest.

free vpn can help you hide your proxy and surf the internet anonymously while the handler vpn can help you surf the internet for free and with the right internet settings. You can call it free internet browsing or maybe free cheat. Yes and there was a time i do you make use of the free internet browsing or cheat till our local network providers tightened their firewall.

Okay guys so if you have internet cheat for your network and to which you can use it to surf the internet for free, handler vpn apk is there for you. Not only it is applicable for free internet browsing, no but you can as well use it to hide your proxy and browse the internet anonymously.

Ordinary vpn without handler will not give you room to insert tricks to browse for free, but rather select any country of your choice and surf the web with your real identity or proxy hidden. So let’s head over to the best handler vpn apk in 2018.

Best Handler vpn apk download

Okay guys so here i will start from the best of the handler vpn which is more secured, faster and free.

1. Http Injector

Handler vpn apk

Right now in 2018, http Injector is my best vpn handler apk to surf the net. Although http Injector is not really a vpn handler but with its server file which is the .ehi file, you can tweak it together browse the net for free. All depend on you being good in hacking or tweaking of your local network.

Http Injector is a free vpn and also with its ehi servers or files which has a duration of three to seven days before it expires and which you can still create another one. The premium server lasts up to a month or more but both the premium server or free server are fast enough. You can can use it to stream online at high speed rate, download torrent files or even play online games with it.

You can read more about http Injector and ehi from Here And HERE

2. Queencee VPN

My second handler vpn apk in 2018. Though this is a remod of psiphon handler by dzebb it is way better than psiphon especially the latest versions. Queencee VPN contains lots of regions or countries for one to select from and the vpn is very fast to connect and browse on your Android phone

You don’t need to worry too much about Queencee VPN configuration as you can leave its settings blank and connect the VPN or if you have a working tweak, then set it up and connect.

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Download Queencee VPN V9 apk here

3. Pronet VPN

Same as Queencee vpn, pronet vpn handler is also a remod of psiphon handler. It doesn’t contain ads like Queencee or drain battery like some psiphon handler version. Pronet handler vpn is lightweight and can work on any Android phone or tablet. You can download pronet handler from the link below and explore the free vpn app

Download Pronet handler apk

4. Psiphon Handler

The very first handler vpn by dzeeb who modded Psiphon vpn app to have a handler that one can input any working tweaks. Psiphon handler is the most popular handler vpn and many of us really enjoyed it though it seems that they are no longer updating the app anymore.

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There’s no way i will talk about handler vpn apk download in 2018 without mentioning Psiphon handler. Again Psiphon handler is very fast though not secured as http Injector or openvpn. As a free vpn, you don’t have to trust it 100% in terms of hiding your true identity as sometimes it disappoint by disconnecting. But the free vpn handler app is quite good for you and i to use.

 Download Psiphon Handler Apk

Other vpn handler that are quite okay are netify vpn, tweakware and netloop vpn. If you have more on handler vpn apk please endeavor to post it here thanks.


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