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How to use a power bank

How To Use A Power Bank For The First Time

How to use a power bank for the first time is one question that pop into and out of our mouth when we recieved the portable charger.

Power bank or portable charger have made it easy for us to charge our device on the go anywhere we found ourselves.

What is a Power Bank Charger

A power bank is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. The device(portable charger) can be used to charge any gadget that supports its charging port and can also carry its capacity.

In many developing countries, power bank is at the high rate and majorly caused by the lack of electricity supply. How to use a power bank isn’t a problem as it is just a 5 seconds duration and works on any type of gadget that supports it.

We have power bank for smartphone like Android phon and iPhone/iPad or even any gadget that use USB port. We also have power bank for laptop or desktop and they can also charge our smartphone as well. Even the likes of inverter are all power bank as you can use the inverter to charge your phone, pc, power your electric fan, TV etc.

When it comes to mobile, it is usually portable and can easily be carried about and that’s why some do call it portable charger. You can put it in your pocket or in your purse, but a times, we need to be careful to avoid explosion.

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Explosion in portable charger are majorly caused by a faulty battery or the wires not properly coordinated. But that shouldn’t create fear in you as millions of people across the world are using a power bank. First thing you have to do is to learn how to use a power bank especially for the first time.

How to use a power bank

All you have to do is to kindly follow this detailed guide on how to use a power bank for the first time.

1. Buy a good Power bank

This is one of the mistakes we do make when buying a power bank. We seems to have this nonchalant attitude when ordering for a portable charger, with the hope that they are all the same.

But the truth is that they are not, if you buy a fake power bank bear in mind that sooner or later it will damage your phone battery. There are lots of company’s that have a good quality power bank, the likes of romoss, anker, Samsung, xiaomi etc. And when buying these brand of power bank, be sure you are buying the original as there are lots of fake ones out there.

2. Charge the Power Bank

After you bought your power bank and confirming its authenticity, what’s next is to charge the portable charger. Go through the manual and follow the instruction on the number of hours it should charge.

To charge the power bank, use your phone USB cable and charger to charge the device. On the device, you will see a small port were your USB cable port will fit into, insert it and plug your charger into your your socket.

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How to use a power bank

It will show a led light or any type, indicating that the power bank is charging. When fully charged, the light will stop blinking in some while some will just turned off. Please don’t over charge it by leaving it on the electricity after reaching its maximum number of hours.

3. Charge your phone with caution

Wh i said charge your phone with caution is that many make this mistake of charging their phone on the power bank and same time be operating their phone as well. You are just damaging and same time diminishing the life span of that portable charger.

Please charge your phone to complete, drop the portable to cool off and then you can enjoy your phone. To charge your phone with the power bank, plug out your USB cable from the charger, the small port inserted into your phone charging port, and with the big port insert into the power bank.

How to use a power bank

4. Protect your Power Bank

Power bank can easily damage or explode even right in your pocket, if you notice heating on the device, quickly bring it out and allow it to cool off. Don’t hit or try to open the power bank as it might make the wires break, if you want to transfer open it, give it to someone that have full knowledge of the device.

To make a summary on how to use a power bank for the first time, first check whether if it is real or original. Check if it support your phone by trying to charge it with your phone, if it supports your device, plug in the power bank to charge complete. Afterwards you can charge your phone with it.

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After charging and same time using your phone when charging it with a portable charger cause it reduces the life span. Avoid hitting on it opening it or keeping it on a wet place or even dusty environment. Use a USB cable that supports the power bank.

How to use a power bank

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With this i’ve answered your question how to use a power bank for the first time. It is up to you to share your own views with us thanks.

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