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Http injector settings

Http Injector Settings: Config or Payload

Get the best detailed post on http injector settings, config or how to set up the vpn app payload. In this post, i’ve covered all that you needed on how to set up the injector app on your own.

Http injector is one of the best vpn app on mobile platform, very fast, easy to set up and without any bit of speed throttling or limited bandwidth. I’m one of those that fancy http injector apk as i use lot more even more Psiphon handler apk or other handler vpn apps.

There are lots of vpn or handler vpn out there, the likes of Psiphon handler, Netify vpn, OpenVPN Connect, Queencee vpn etc. But http injector seems exceptional as you can hide your config bye locking it, thereby mailing it difficult for a third party to view your actual settings.

Http injector like openvpn requires its config file which you will use in connecting the app. Without http injector config ehi file, the vpn app will not connect and this is where most people find it difficult. But on this post, i will make it look so easy to set up even though i must tell that it isn’t difficult to set up.

Before i was in your shoe, like finding it really difficult to set up http injector config or payload, but back in 2015 i learned about http injector settings or payload. And this is what i want you all my readers to learn too

What is Http Injector

Http injector is developed by by evozi, which is a professional tool to set custom HTTP header. This vpn application supports SSH/Proxy which can unblock websites that are filtered by your network provider’s firewall. HTTP Injector is for professional users or people who has advanced knowledge on VPN, SSH, Proxy and the like. This app includes useful tools like IP Hunter, Host Checker, Tethering Unlock, Payload generator, IP Checker and more that helps you create or import configuration.

Http Injector Payload

Http injector generate its settings through its payload. For you to fully set up http injector, you will definitely have to set up the payload and this is where you will have to add proxy address you want to use. For example you have a free internet settings with the address being Facebook.com, whatsapp.com, myfreebrowsing.com, this type of address is added to the http injector payload. 

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Http Injector Ehi File

Http injector ehi file or config as some people call it is a file after you may have configured and export your http injector settings. This is what makes this app as well as openvpn or even KPN proxy to be exceptional, you can export your setting for others to make use of it.

Http injector gives room for you to lock your settings so that a third party can use the ehi file or your settings but cant view it. There is way that you can crack this but i’m really sorry as i won’t post it here.

So when you have generated your payload, set everything up and test to see if your http injector config is working, the next thing to do is export the file(if you wish to) there you may choose to lock it or leave it and after that you export the file. The exported file is called http injector ehi. 

Yes the format is in ehi format and that is why the config file is called ehi.

Http Injector Settings/Config/Payload

Http injector settings

So below is the full tutorial on http injector settings, how to generate payload or create your config or ehi file.

First i have to tell you that i have once created a post on this especially how to create ehi file but it seems people didn’t really understand it. This is why i created this and also touching every aspect of the vpn app.

To get started with http injector setting, you will have to first create an account on some sites. As this app use SSH, you will have to create a profile on sites that offers free account creation for SSH users. The main site i do normally use is the fastssh.com, it offers both premium and free account. The free account is valid from 3-7 days while the premium account is valid for 30 days.

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To get websites where you can create your own http injector account, go through Here for account creation.

There i’ve listed good websites for SSH users especially for free account or profile, some offers 3,5,7 or even 10 days. It is up to you to make your choice especially with your preferred region.

After creating your SSH account, please save that page or note down all the whole details or better still leave the page open(your browser).

Next is to download http injector apk and you can do that through here, after that open it and this is where it starts.

You have your network settings which you want to browse it, when you open http injector, click on the three line option menu located on the left corner of your screen.

Http injector settings

You will see payload generator, click on it. On the URL host, you will input the URL settings which you have. For example Facebook.com, mynetworkbrowsing.com, Google.com respectively.

Where it is written payload, tick normal which is most used setting or you can also tick direct or rotate. If you are a newbie on this please only tick normal.

On the request method, connect is mostly used but you can also use Post, Get, Head, Put. On injection method leave it to normal.

On Query method, leave it as it was, don’t tick anything unless you know what you are doing.

On Extra Header, tick online host, keep alive and user agent. You may tick tick forward host or reverse proxy especially if you are a pro and know the settings which you want.

In extra you can tick dual connect or just ignore that part. After that click on generate payload and it will take you back to the front page. There you will see your generated payload. Still it didn’t end here.

Http injector settings

After that click on the remote proxy icon to add your network IP and Port. For example on the proxy ip/host you type in and Port 8080 and you save it.

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After that click on the start button and this is where you will have to type in your account details. The account you created on SSH websites.

On the shh IP, type in the IP the website provides for you. You will see it there, it can be on letters or numbers format.

On SSH port type in the port, it is usually 443 or any other, you will also see it there.

On SSH username, type in the username the website provided for you. And in SSH password, type in the password you used. After that you click on the save button and again it will take you to font page.

To test your http injector config, click on the start button, it will start to connect first by showing connecting with a rainy weather icon on top of your screen. If it connect you will see a full cloud on top of your screen and you are good to go.

So after it connected, you can choose to export and save the http injector config settings. You can do that by clicking on the white block like icon on the right corner of your screen. You will see option to lock the http injector settings from preying eyes or leave it open.

If you choose to lock it, you will see options like block rooted phones which makes or disable the config setting to work on rooted android phone. The reason is because with some correct apps, rooted phones can view your http injector config file or ehi and know the exact settings that you used.

You can choose to make it work only on mobile data or wifi network only. Just go through the option and select your preferred choice of protecting your settings. There is a space where you can write your name and address, this protect your ehi file from copyright infringement.

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And that is it on http injector settings, config or how to generate payload. You are free to share this post or drop your comment.

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