Kodi app and how to Install And Setup Kodi on Android TV Box.

Kodi is a multimedia manager that gives you access to the multimedia files that you store in your local network or USB drives connected to your SmartTV. Here we tell you how to install Kodi app on your Smart TV with Android TV Box and to add content from your local network to see it comfortably from your sofa.

Kodi app: How to install and setup kodi on android tv box

How to Install Kodi on Android TV Box

The Kodi app is available on Google Play so you don’t have too much trouble installing it on your Smart TV.

On your Android box, Just go to Google Play and search for Kodi app using the search bar. Be sure to install the XBMC Foundation app.

Better still you can go to kodi website, locate the download section and download kodi for Android. Please when downloading kodi for your SmartTV, select ARMV7A 32 bit. Once downloaded, copy the APK file to a flash drive and connect it to your Smart TV.

Then, from your Smart TV, go to “Settings > Security and restrictions” and Enable the “Unknown sources” feature to allow applications to be installed from different Google Play locations.

Now, access the USB drive where you save the APK using a file manager and run it by clicking Install. Then Kodi app will be installed on your Smart TV in the same way as if you had installed it from the official app store.

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Once you complete this step, you can start Kodi and use it as you would on any other Android device as there are no differences in its functions and will turn your Smart TV into a multimedia center.

How to Setup Kodi App on Android TV Box

1. Connect your TV Box and the TV with HDMI cable;

2. Plug your Android TV Box and turn it on.

3. Setup your Wi-fi connection – It’s simple as setup the wi-fi in your mobile.

4. Go to Kodi and Enjoy all the free content as movies, tv shows, tv channels, and much more!

How to install and setup kodi on android tv box

You can learn more on how to install and setup kodi app on Android here

Without addons kodi is there’s nothing you can’t watch anything on kodi so after installing and setting up kodi, next is to add addons to your kodi. So let’s start with indigo addon.

Follow the below to install some add-ons on kodi and watch them on your Android TV Box

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