This page will be strictly on latest mtn cheat 2018, and i will keep updating this page with any new updates so always endeavor to check back.

Right now mtn cheat is extremely scare cause of the way mtn network are blocking any bit of loop holes in their network. So right now, what is on board is the mtn double data which most of us are enjoying. The mtn double data reward is available for all though you have some tweaks to do and it will only take you some seconds or a minute.

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Mtn Cheat 2018

Mtn cheat 2018

In this mtn cheat 2018 double data tweak, you will be rewarded with the same data bundle you subscribed to. For example you subscribed for mtn 1k data plan which is 1.5GB, with the data reward it will be 3GB in total for N1k.

To get mtn double data reward, go to your phone message, text Double to 131, after a minute send PROMO to 131 and text FREE to 131. You will receive a welcome message about the new package you have enrolled for and afterwards you can buy any data plan you want. Remember you will receive times two of any mtn data plan you bought.

Mtn cheat 2018 with YouTube Go App and enjoy unlimited browsing, downloading and streaming on your Android smartphone or pc. For you to enjoy this, you will have to first subscribe for mtn nigh plan by dialing *406*4*1# which goes for N25 for 500mb valid from 12am to 4am. Immediately the duration time reaches, start using your mtn nigh plan by browsing and downloading, try to exhaust your data bundle immediately it is 4am.

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Wait for two to three minutes as soon as it gets exhausted. Open your YouTube app or YouTube go app and start streaming video and note that you must not switch off your network connection.

Now the real mtn cheat 2018 in this is that with the use of http Injector, you can power it to work on all internet apps installed on your android phone or tablet. Download Http Injector here and download ehi server that will power the http Injector Here.

Import the ehi file to your http Injector and enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading even if you have exhausted your mtn night plan.

That’s it from me on Mtn cheat 2018, if there’s any new update i won’t hesitate to post it here so continue to check this page for more.