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Fix Mobile Network Not Available on Android Phone And Tablet

Experiencing mobile network not available is one annoying issue we faced when using our Android phone or tablet to browse or to make calls. It’s hard to figure out why or how they go down, and then sometimes even harder to fix it if you don’t know the cause.

Mobile network not available

It’s not all about the network not being available. Obviously there is something else. In this article, I have covered the top ways by which you can solve this issue. Read on, to help yourself in a moment of urgency by learning to crack this annoying error.

Fix Mobile Network Not Available

First Method 

The first method to fix mobile network not available is to Power off your phone, take out the battery and the SIM card. Keep it that way for few minutes. After that, re-insert the battery and the SIM card. Turn your phone On, to see if the network is available.

Second Method 

One cause for the mobile network not available message is either a faulty, or a poorly inserted SIM card. Power your phone down before pulling your SIM card out.

Then access your SIM card slot and remove the card before putting it back in, making sure it’s secure. Once you’re satisfied with its placement, power your phone back on and see if you can connect properly.

Third Method 

Toggle Airplane Mode

The third method to fix mobile network not available to toggle airplane mode. This is something similar to a soft reset, where you quickly turn on airplane mode and then turn it back off. If your airplane mode is already enabled, then this is a great time to switch it off. Swipe down from your quick menu to either enable or disable it.

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4th Method 

Run Any Firmware Updates

While this step doesn’t help if you can’t connect to any networks, when you can switch over to wi-fi, check for any firmware updates. If you have any available, take the time to download and install them to see if they fix the issue.

Then if all these didn’t work for you the next and the last method you should try is factory reset.

5th Method 

I don’t like recommending this step, but it’s the last trick in the troubleshooting toolkit for this problem. If a factory reset fails, then the problem is without a doubt either a hardware problem, or an issue with your network.

If you are a experiencing mobile network not available on your Android phone or tablet, kindly follow the above methods to solve your problem.

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