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Double data

Get 1.5GB For N500, 4GB For N1000 On Double Data 2019

This post is a compilation of getting 1.5GB for N500, 4GB for N1000, 8GB for N2000 on our major network providers which is glo, mtn and airtel double data.

If you have not been enjoying the 100% free data bonus in 2019 then you’re completely behind and should join the trend. The free 100% bonus data was first introduced by mtn in 2017, which they discontinued it later. But mid 2018, airtel started theirs by offering their customers free double data reward, which gives you times two of the data plan you subscribed to.

What is Double Data

Double data is a bonus given to subscribers by their network providers after they have subscribed for a certain internet data plan. It can be 50% bonus, 80% bonus or better 100% bonus on data which is the reason why it is called “Double Data”. You get what you subscribed for times two.

For example, you subscribed for mtn one week data plan which is 750mb(500mb +250mb), if you’re on double data bonus, it will be times two which makes it 1.5GB for N500 valid for one week(7 days). The likes of airtel Nigeria offers this for two weeks so you’ll get 1.5GB for 14 days and glo is a whopping 2GB for N500 for 7 days also.

Then if you’re subscribing for a monthly data plan. Mtn N1200 data plan gives 1.5GB, but with the double data bonus you’ll get extra 1.5GB which totals 3GB and valid for 30 days. For airtel, theu offers 1.5GB plus extra 1.5GB which is 3GB for N1000 and glo offers 4GB for just N1000. Hmmmm this is interesting right??? Okay let’s say you want to go bit higher like N2000 data plan. Mtn will give you 3GB plus extra 3GB making it 6GB for N2000, Airtel gives you 3.5GB plus extra 3.5GB 100% data bonus making it 7GB for N2000 while glo is 8GB for the same price.

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That’s how it is, any package or data plan you subscribed for, it will give you extra Gigabit of that same data thereby making it double. When you take look at these three networks  you see that Glo offers better data bonus, followed by airtel and then mtn. I know some of you may be wondering why there’s no 9mobile double data here, the truth is they offer such as the time of posting this and whereas their data plan is bit costly when compared to others.

So if you subscribed for 5GB data, you will get extra 5GB making it 10GB in total. Right now i’m using airtel and glo N2000 data plan which is 7GB + 8GB which is 15GB  data for N4000. Please note i’m a heavy internet user, but you can just go for glo(if the network is fast in your area) or airtel or maybe mtn.

This is lot better though we are still asking for an unlimited data at an affordable price. Most countries, even right here in Africa, they offer unlimited internet data to their subscribers.

How to activate double data on mtn, airtel and glo

Double data

1. To learn how to be eligible and activate mtn double data 2019, Go through Here

2. To learn how to be eligible and activate for airtel double data offer 2019, Go through Here

3. For glo double data, all you have to do to is to get Glo Oga sim or Yakata sim to enjoy this offer from globacom.

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Please note that airtel double data bonus is available from N500 naira bundle plan, while mtn and glo are any bundle plan you subscribe for. You don’t need a new sim at all, but to get airtel free 4GB data for new sim, simply get Airtel 4G LTE sim, activate the 100% data bonus, subscribe to any data plan of your choice. You will free 4GB + Your data bundle + Extra free data bonus. For example 4GB + 3.5GB + 3.5GB = 11GB for N2000.

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And that’s all i have on glo, mtn and airtel double data offer 2019, any question or inquiry, please use the comment box.


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