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MTN Double Data 2019: How To Activate It

So right now is mtn double data 2019, how to be eligible and activate it on your android phone, IPhone and PC.

After airtel and glo started rolling out their free 100% data bonus on their network, mtn doesn’t want to be left behind and they have started giving their subscribers 100% data bonus which can be called mtn double data 2019.

For three months now, i’ve been using it though mtn seems to be having a poor internet connection recently which can be frustrating to browse with. But if your location isn’t experiencing this issue, mtn double data is really sweet and mouthwatering but not as glo or airtel.

MTN double data offer isn’t available to all their tariff plan but rather mtn pulse or mPulse plan. So to get the 100% free data bonus,, you have to simply migrate to mtn mPulse package.

What is MTN Double data

Mtn double data offer 2019

MTN double data is a data promo introduced by mtn Nigeria to give extra value or bonus, on any data plan subscribed by their customers on its network. Airtel gives double data from N500 bundle plan while mtn is from any type of data you bought from them.

Again you don’t need to send a code to mtn for activation, but rather migrate to the appropriate tarrif plan made available for it and you will automatically receive 100% data bonus on any data you subscribe for. If you subscribed for N100 for 50mb, it will be 100mb total, N500 for 750mb will total 1.5GB valid for 7 days while airtel offers that for 14 days. Mtn N1200 data plan will be 3GB and 6GB data will be for N2000 etc.

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With this free double data offer, there’s no reason to buy data plan from resellers as it is way to cheap compared to what they are offering.

How to be eligible for mtn double data offer

Like i said, to be eligible for mtn double data offer, first migrate to mtn pulse by dialing *406# on your phone, you will receive a welcome message and boom you are good to go. Subscribe any data plan ans you will see the magic by dialing *131*4# on your phone. So flex by browsing, downloading or streaming on your smartphone or pc and note that there’s nothing like data zapping or speed throttling here at all.

So it is up to you to enjoy the mtn double data offer 2019, and you can come back here and give us your feedback thanks.

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