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Mtn MPulse Http Injector Ehi File(1.2GB For N150)

Mtn mPulse with http injector ehi: Right now that mtn n0.0kb free browsing have been limited to a small 50mb daily limit, i’ve decided that we all should use the mtn mPulse tweak on http injector.

MTN mPulse browsing is the cheapest internet data on mtn network currently, though it is limited to some apps like the Google apps. Having used it on my android phone, it works on all Google apps including the play store but to download or update app is an issue.

Not only that, you can open Google.com on your browser not you can’t do that on any other website URL. But with the help of http injector, you can power all apps on your smartphone especially when with mtn mPulse http injector ehi file. 

One thing i have to say is that mtn 0.0kb free browsing through http injector is way better than the mtn mPulse N150 for 1.2GB. This mtn mPulse tweak sometimes is difficult as it takes up to 15mins to connect unless you have a good network signal in your area.

But all the same i’m enjoying the tweak as it is relatively cheap or very affordable. Through http injector ehi file, you can enjoy it on your android or iPhone phone.

How to Migrate To MTN MPulse

In order to enjoy 1.2GB for N150, you will have to migrate to mtn mPulse by dialing *344*1# on your phone, you will get a welcome message which indicates that you have successfully migrated to mtn mPulse. To recharge for its data dial *344*2*1*2#.

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You can use it to browse on your phone but it is limited to some apps installed on your phone. To make it power all the internet apps on your phone, continue below.

MTN MPulse Browsing With Http Injector Ehi File

  • First download the latest version of Http injector here
  • Download http injector mtn ehi file for mPulse MPulse ehi file(expires 27/10/18)
  • Open http injector and on the right corner of your screen, click on the folder like icon
  • Mtn mPulse
  • It will take you to your phone storage, locate where you downloaded the mPulse ehi file
  • Click on it and it will automatically import. You will see a notification on your http injector saying successfully imported.
  • After that click on start and wait for 30 seconds to 5 minutes for it to connect.

Like i said before, sometimes it takes time for it connect or at times, it connects within 5 seconds. All depend on how strong your mtn network connection is and mind you this tweak is fast.

It lasts for a maximum of one month with the N150 for 1.2GB and i’ve made it possible for it to work on all Android phone be it rooted or non rooted.

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If you’ve got any question on this mtn mPulse tweak with http injector ehi file, you are free to comment on the issue and i will get back to you.

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