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How To Use MTN MPulse On Pc Through Http Injector

I have provided you with the best method on how to use mtn mPulse on pc.

This is 100% working and not only that, it works flawlessly on both rooted and non rooted android phone to pc.

Since mtn have really cut us off on mtn N0.0kb free browsing, mtn pulse browsing is the only alternative as it gives you a relatively cheap 1.2GB for N150 valid for 30 days. But it doesn’t work direct unless you connect it through a vpn. The vpn i always make use of is called http injector which is very fast and gives unlimited bandwidth.

So right on this post, i’ve covered how to use mtn mPulse on http injector ehi file to connect it to pc and browse, stream and download from your pc.

How to use mtn mPulse on pc through http injector ehi file and Pdanet

So you’ve got to know that http injector plus the ehi file and pdanet is required before you can use mtn mPulse on pc.

  • First to learn how to subscribe for mtn mPulse for 1.2GB for N150 and get the latest http injector ehi file, go through Here
  • To download http injector apk Go through here
  • To download and install pc pdanet, go through Here
  • To download pdanet for android, go through Here
  • To make the pdanet full version, download foxikey from Here

After getting all the requirement ready and also subscribing to mtn mPulse data plan, you can proceed on how to tether mPulse http injector ehi file to pdanet and browse on your pc.

  1. Go to your phone system settings>>aplications>>developer or development depending on the phone your are using.
  2. Enable debugging by tapping on the option three to four times.
  3. Open pdanet app on your phone through foxikey or the app itself.
  4. Tick or enable Enable USB Tether option on your phone.
  5. How to use mtn mPulse on pc
  6. Plug your phone USB cable to your phone and also pc, you will get a pop-up window on the laptop that you click to connect the phone to PdaNet+.
  7. If you didn’t see that, open pdanet on your pc, you will see some instructions there, after you are done click continue.
  8. It will start to connect. Wait for the pdanet to show connected successfully.
  9. Open your http injector app on your phone, import the downloaded ehi file and click start.
  10. Wait for it to show connected with full cloud showing.
  11. After it connected, launch any internet app on your pc and you are good to go.
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One thing i like about the pdanet tethering is that if your phone is rooted it will work or if your phone is not rooted, it will still work. This is why i recommend it to people using a vpn to browse on their phone. You cannot tether it directly through wifi but will require a USB app to help you with that.

And with this you can stream live matches, watch movies etc or download on your pc but bear in mind it is limited to 1.2GB for 30days for just N150.

This is simple and it should take you like 10mins to get done and enjoy your browsing.

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If you have any problem on how to use mtn mPulse on pc through http injector ehi file, feel free to drop your comment.

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