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MTN N0.0k Free Browsing With Http Injector Ehi File 2018

Mtn N0.0k free browsing with http injector ehi file in 2018 is currently on the trend, as you can browse 100% free on your mtn sim.

This mtn N0.0k tweak on http injector is superb because you will get a maximum internet speed that you desired. And not only that, it is free that you will have zero kobo on your mtn sim, and still browse for free.

Imagine you’ve been spending lots of bucks on mtn internet data, and whereas a getting just 1GB or more to browse the whole month. With this current mtn N0.0k free browsing on http injector, you can say no to data subscription as you will be getting a maximum 1GB data. This 1GB data you will get everyday to browse free on your mobile through http injector.

It is not just applicable to http injector only, there are other handler apps which you can brows free with.

MTN N0.0k Free Browsing With Http Injector Ehi Requirements

Mtn N0.0k free browsing with http injector ehi file

Okay guys first you will have to get the necessary requirements ready before you can proceed with the mtn N0.0k free browsing cheat with http injector ehi file.

  • First requirement is you getting an android smartphone.
  • Downloading and installing Http injector from here
  • Registered mtn sim without internet data or airtime

And that is just all and afterwards you can proceed to the next step which is getting the mtn http injector ehi file which you will use to browse for free.

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MTN http injector ehi file

Through mtn http injector ehi file, you will get a valid 1GB free internet data daily. What i mean is that everyday you will have free 1GB data to browse on each day.

Another thing i would like you to know is that http injector ehi file expires after 3-7 days for free version and 30 days for premium. But i will be sharing the free version but note that that after 7 days, i will always update this page for more.

How to use mtn http injector Ehi file

  • After downloading and installing Http injector from the link above, download mtn ehi file for http injector
  • Open your http injector and import the above file by clicking on the note like icon on your right corner screen.
  • Mtn ehi file
  • Click on import config and willingly take you to your file manager.
  • Locate the mtn ehi file and click on it for it to import.
  • Afterwards click on connect and it will connect with few seconds.

New update on mtn ehi file

Below are the updated mtn ehi file for mtn N0.0kb free browsing tweak.

Mtn ehi file 1(expires on 14/10/18)

Fast Mtn ehi file 2(expires on 13/10/18)


More servers coming up shortly.

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That’s all I have for mtn N0.0k or mtn ehi file for htt injector. Your question are highly welcomed.


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