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Mtn night plan activation code

MTN Night Plan Activation Code 2018: N50 For 500MB

Mtn night plan activation code: is no longer a news that mtn network revised their night plan or night browsing middle of this year, which the reduced the allocated data drastically.

They mtn reduced it from 500mb for N25 to 125mb for N25 and also N50 for 250MB  Many people complained about it with many opting not to subscribe for mtn night plan or browsing ever again. Well it seems like people indeed boycotted mtn night browsing which was great loss to them as they have for the third time in a year revised their night plan.

Just few days ago, mtn introduced another mtn night browsing plan which is still the same price but different allocated data. This isn’t as good as the the first mtn night plan though it is better than the previous one. In this night plan 2018, you will get 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50 and which you can do it twice per night that is the N25 plan

According to mtn, they can only allocate a maximum of 500mb per night so if you do the N50 mtn night plan and exhaust it within the extimated period, you can’t do it again on that particular sim. But if you activated MTN N25 night plan which is 250mb, you can do it twice per night and that gives you a 500mb. If you have a large file to download  then you can get multiple sim(s) to help you with that.

Another good thing that mtn added to their night plan is that it is valid from 12am to 5am unlike before which is 12am to 4am. And also gives its customers the opportunity to do it twice per night. Mtn night browsing is applicable or eligible to all devices with internet connection, be it android, ios  windows etc. Since the introduction of the mtn night plan like 4 or 3 years ago, i’ve been using it and it really have helped me a lot especially in updating my apps.

Features And Benefits

Mtn night plan activation code

Like i said, it has really helped me since the introduction and below are the features and benefits of mtn night browsing.

  1. Available to all platform like android, ios, windows etc.
  2. Valid from 12am to 5am.
  3. Very fast and no data zapping.
  4. 250mb goes for N25 while 500mb goes for N50.
  5. One can activate the 250mb twice per night as the maximum data is 500mb per night


Yes there is a huge disadvantage of this night browsing plan and that is not making provision for one to check data balance. People always ask on how to check mtn night plan data balance but the truth is that there’s no code or any proper and direct way to check the night plan data balance.

The thing there is that when it reaches 90mb or gets lower, mtn will send you a message telling you of the remaining data balance. If you have normal data plan on your sim, it is left for to know the maximum mega byte will cover what you are doing. For example you are downloading a 450mb data file, you subscribed for the 500mb and also have 1gb main data on that your sim. If you start to download the file, when your night data plan reaches 90mb remaining of your night data, mtn will immediately send you a notification message of the remaining night data which is 90mb.

What you will do is to start to count down from 90mb to you know that you have surpassed it. It will continue with your main data tillyou off your data. You can continue with another mtn sim by subscribing for another night plan. In the case you don’t have a main internet data, it will stop from connecting.

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MTN Night Plan Activation Code

MTN night plan activation for N50 for 500mb is ” text NT2 to 131″ and you will be given 500mb valid from 12am – 5am.

MTN night  browsing plan activation code for N25 for 250mb “text NT1 to 131” and you will be given 250MB valid from 12am to 5am. On this plan, you can do it twice per night all eligible to those on Mtn pulse plan , mPulse  zone etc.

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