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MTN XtraTime

How To Borrow Credit or Data Bundle From MTN(MTN XtraTime And XtraByte)

This post will give you an insight on mtn XtraTime and Xtrabyte and how to borrow airtime or credit or borrow data bundle from mtn network.

MTN XtraTime have made it possible for mtn esteemed customers to borrow airtime or internet data at any given time. In a situation where by you ran out of airtime or internet data and you are desperately in need of it though you don’t the cash to buy it as at that time, with mtn XtraTime you can get it.

MTN XtraTime and Xtrabyte is available for all mtn prepaid customers though you must qualify before you can borrow credit or airtime and borrow data bundle from mtn. You have to attain the required amount needed for you to be eligible, that is you must recharge up to N500 on your mtn number in a month before you can borrow data from mtn.

Before it is only airtime but right now they mtn Nigeria have added the option of borrowing data which you will pay in your next recharge.

I’m a customer of mtn and i have both borrowed credit or data bundle from mtn and below is my experience with the the XtraTime.

My Experience with MTN XtraTime And XtraByte

First i will say that the the mtn XtraTime plan is really helpful especially when you don’t have the cash to buy airtime or internet data. To borrow airtime from mtn was the first and because of the number of people using the internet on their smartphone, mtn mtn added the option where you can borrow data on mtn which is called XtraByte.

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From my own experience even though mtn XtraByte is really helpful but it is a waste of money. Reason because it doesn’t last like the normal recharge. If you borrow airtime or credit from mtn, within few minutes of call you made like for example 2mins, the N50 you borrowed will be wiped out. Their internet data bundle seems to be the worst for me.

MTN seems to zap data if you borrow data bundle through the mtn XtraByte. I’ve borrowed up to 500mb for N575 and within few hours i was shocked that the data have finished without downloads or even online streaming. When you compare it with normal mtn N500 one week data plan which gives 1GB you will know that it is just not there at all. Even though both are valid for a 7 days.

MTN XtraTimeMTN XtraTime And XtraByte| How to Borrow credit or data bundle from MTN

You are one of those that do ask how to borrow credit or airtime from mtn or how to borrow data from mtn, below is how to go about it.

1. First you must have to recharge up to N500 mtn airtime for that part month.

2. Dial *606# on your smartphone and select the option you want to use.

3.  Select the option you want either XtraTime which is to borrow airtime from mtn or XtraByte which is for borrowing of data from mtn.

When you select the option you want, you will get other options on the menu. In mtn XtraByte, you will see two options which gives 150mb each with one being higher in price than the other. The thing there is that the option which is 150mb for N300 is for three days while the other is just for a day. The 500mb for N500 is valid for 7days and they are applicable to all smartphones and internet gadgets.

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MTN *606# has other feature which is called XtraCash where you can borrow money from mtn account to your diamond bank account.

Dial the above code and borrow credit or airtime and data bundle from mtn.

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