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Netify VPN Complete Settings And Review

Netify vpn have been in the business of vpn handler since the introduction of the first and foremost which is the Psiphon handler.

If you are one of those or the likes of us that use a vpn or vpn handler to surf the internet, then i will recommend netify vpn to you. Having used the handler vpn for the past three years now, i will say that it is quite okay but not as good like the likes of http injector, Psiphon handler, Pronet or even Queencee vpn

Netify vpn apk is a free virtual proxy network which anyone using android operating system can use on its smartphone and browse the net anonymously. Not only that, many use netify app for free internet browsing especially if you have a working proxy and Port. You can use it to bypass restricted websites which your country or region prohibit.

Also netify is very easy to configure as there’s no much work to do on the handler VPN that even a complete novice can set it up withing 30 seconds.

Benefits of Using Netify vpn

1. Free and unlimited bandwidth. Netify don’t limit its users to a certain amount of internet bandwidth as it is 100% free and unlimited.

2. Helps to bypass restricted sites and surf anonymously. Netify vpn helps its users to browse the net without showing their true identity which is ip and region.

3. You can use it for the purpose of free internet browsing. It acts as a tunnel software which helps to create room for free browsing tricks. You really need to have a knowledge of coding before you can use netify app apk for free internet browsing.

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Netify vpn flop

Netify vpn Apk free download

1. Didn’t create room for many countries. Like other vpn where you select a country that suites you, netify vpn developer didn’t do that all. Instead you are limited to a country which the vpn app chooses for you.

2. Not only that netify vpn will select a country for you  you will not be able to know the country that you are browsing with.

3. The interface and background of netify vpn is extremely ugly that you may find it difficult to read the words on the vpn handler app.


1. Fast to connect and works on any Android device with internet.

2. Doesn’t disconnect at all

3. Doesn’t drain battery as it didn’t feature in app ads.

Netify vpn Apk Setting

1. First download and install netify vpn(link below the last paragraph)

2. Open the app and click on the ninja like image on the left hand corner.

3. You will see where to insert your network settings if you have any or just leave it as it is.

4. Connect the VPN and you are good to go. If it didn’t connect, get your network settings which is the ip and port. Where they wrote proxy port input the ip and where it is written port, input your network port.

That is all i can say about netify app and don’t forget to download the vpn app below.

Netify vpn Apk free download



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