Pronet v10.14 apk app is here for Android VPN handler lovers that wants to surf anonymous or for free browsing. 

Pronet 10.14 is the latest pronet handler for all Android users, be it smartphone, tablet or phablet. You don’t have to worry about battery draining as this pronet vpn handler doesn’t contain ads at all.

Pronet v10.14 apk for Android free download

Pronet v10.14 apk Review

Pronet vpn v10.14 under a good internet connection connects very fast, within the space of 5 seconds. The pronet VPN handler which is a re-modded psiphon handler features top notch countries like USA, UK and Canda.

For those that wants to use a foreign ip to browse the net, pronet 10.14 app is there for you. It consists of 7 countries which includes USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and India.

You can hide your identity and use any of your desired country from the list to surf the net. Again pronet v10.14 doesn’t disconnect unless you have a very bad internet connection on your device.

Like i said before, you shouldn’t worry about battery draining when using this pronet vpn handler on your Android phone or tablet. Pronet v10.14 apk app doesn’t contain any bit of ads which helps to make your browsing faster and better.

Pronet v10.14 apk for Android free download

Pronet v10.14 apk Settings

Pronet v10.14 settings is almost the same with other VPN handlers like phisphon, queencee, netify etc. One thing i would like you guys to know is that this is still psiphon handler but remodded with lots of features or interface. When you install the application, open the menu, Click OK and you will get to the homepage, like other Vpn handlers, click on more options and input your ip and port. But please the ip and port part isn’t compulsory unless there is a need for that. Afterwards press back and click on the Android with a crown icon in the middle and wait for it to connect.

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To select your desired country, click on best performance and a drop down list of different countries will show for you to select.

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Best thing for you to do is to download pronet v10.14 apk below and explore the VPN handler on your Android device.