Download psiphon handler 2018 apk latest version strictly for all Android phone and tablet

Psiphon is one of the popular vpn we have, and thanks to dzebb that made the handler version which is called psiphon handler apk. The handler version is bit different from the non handler version. As a handler, it contains or featured a menu option which you can add extra tweak or setting that suite you.

Psiphon handler 2018 have provided an option to which one can use tweaks in order to browse for free or add extra juice to it.

As the time of writing this post, psiphon handler latest version is version 113 apk though some will say that dzebb stopped at version 108.

Psiphon Handler Overview

Having said that psiphon handler apk was introduced by an Indonesian guy named dzebb who is an expert on modding android apps. We have psiphon or the pro version which is almost the same with the handler version. This vpn app helps us to hide our true identity or you can call it to browse anonymously on the internet.

Not only that, Psiphon handler apk also help us to bypass restricted websites or have fully access to a website or an app which is limited to a particular country. For example, you went to Google play to download an application, on getting to the the app, it was writing app not not available in your country. This sometimes can be so annoying and the only way to get rid of it is by using a vpn.

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Psiphon Handler APK can as well help you to get rid of that by selecting your preferred region especially USA. If you exit the Google Play store, come back to it you will notice that the download link will be there.

Psiphon Handler Settings

Psiphon handler 2018

Psiphon handler settings are so easy, many a time you don’t even have to make any changes to it. Just download and install the app, you will option menu which is the handler menu, click “Start” and OK when the “Tunnel Whole Device” pops up and select “I trust this application”.

You may need to select your preferred country especially when you really need to secure yourself on the net or browse anonymously. You can select USA, UK Canada or other countries there

Features of Psiphon Handler

  • Full VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities
  • Free and open-source
  • Defeats online censorship
  • Supports SSH (Secure Shell) tunnel
  • Secure and reliable
  • Smart protocol selection
  • No registration needed
  • Data tracking for users with limited data allocation

When it comes to vpn handler, Psiphon vpn is one of the few that is trusted so much. It is secured to an extent and the vpn is very fast even on poor internet connection. It doesn’t drain battery as there’s no in app ads on the hander vpn.

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Download Psiphon Handler 2018 latest version

With the argument that it is psiphon handler 113 or 108 is the latest version, i’ve provide links for the versions. The links are below;

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Psiphon 108 handler apk

Psiphon handler 113 apk