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Download Psiphon Handler Apk v113 Latest Version

Do you want to browse the net free with psiphon handler apk v113 latest version in this 2018, then you are at the right place. The Hander vpn has what it takes to satisfy your needs based on free internet or to hide your identity when browsing.

Psiphon handler 113 apk is currently the latest version though some will say it is version 108. Psiphon 113 handler or the psiphon 108 handler are free to use without any charges or ads on the Application and they are quite okay for me.

Millions of people around the world are using vpn app to surf the internet with many looking for a good Free vpn, psiphon handler 113 apk or 108 are there for you. It contains lots of countries or regions to select from with the app so easy to configure and to use that even an 8year old can set up the free vpn app.

Thanks to dzeeb that we are enjoying Psiphon Handler Apk, as before it is just the vpn app without any handler and which dzebb modded and added a handler to it. The addition of the handler to psiphon vpn made it more popular as you can insert tweaks to it and surf and download from the internet all for free without paying a dime. But all these depend on you being able to hack your local network and bypass their firewall or maybe someone gave you a working tweaks.

Features of Psiphon Handler Apk V113

Psiphon Handler Apk V113

Before downloading the app you will need to first look at its features of Psiphon Handler Apk V113

1. The Handler is a free vpn.

2. You can bypass restricted sites or surf anonymously. For example you want to download an app from play store and you will see app not available for your country. Just exit the play store, open and connect psiphon handler with your selected country being United States and go back to your play store. Check the app again and you will see that the download link is available for you to download.

That’s the power of vpn and which psiphon handler apk ui is giving it to you all for free without you paying a dime.

3. Thanks to the handler, if you have a working tweak insert it on the handler menu and browse the net or download for free.

4. The main or original handler does not contain any ads on the app like the others which drains phone battery of the user. You don’t need to worry about your battery draining when using the handler vpn, as i’ve used it for almost 5 years now, it doesn’t drain battery at all.

5. The Free vpn app contains lots of countries to which you can select anyone you like to connect with. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Philippines, Japan and Indonesia and India etc.

Psiphon Handler Full Settings

  • First download and install psiphon handler 113 apk or 108 apk from the link below.
  • Launch your vpn handler 
  • You will see the handler menu. If you have any working tweak for your local network scroll down to proxy type and select No proxy or HTTP or Host or Real Host.
  • In the real proxy type, you can leave it on Default or No proxy or http or socks or direct with your Real Proxy Port being 80 or 8080 or any work port.
  • Afterwards click OK
  • Click more options and tick use the system network settings which is the settings your local network sent to your phone or you can use “use the following settings” and set up your own by providing a working proxy server and port.
  • Aftermath click on select country and click on any country of your choice.
  • Connect the Psiphon Handler again and you are good to go.
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But if you just want to use the handler vpn apk just to surf the web by hidding your true identity or bypass restricted sites then there’s no need to insert anything. Just open the VPN handler ui and click OK, select the country you want and connect. Like i said before this vpn app is very fast to connect and to browse and you can also download at a high speed rate. There’s nothing like speed throttling on this app even if you network providers throttles your internet speed, psiphon helps and remove the speed throttling.

There’s no usage limit on this handler vpn app, you can use it anytime you want or how long you want it to stay connected to.

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Download Psiphon Handler Apk V113 or 108

You if you are still new on handler vpn, then you need to download and install this app now and bet you will enjoy it to the fullest.

 Psiphon Handler Apk 113



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