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Rogers Internet Canada: All You Need To Know

Rogers internet is a Communication that provides high speed internet service from coast to coast in Canada, including every province, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Founded in 1960, Rogers is one of the two biggest telecommunications providers in the nation. Its base plan starts at 5 Mbps download speed with a 25 GB monthly data cap. It also offers a plan with unlimited access and Gigabit download speed, as well as other plans in between.

Rogers internet also offers bundle plans that include Internet, television and phone service. A 2-year contract is required to get the best pricing on these bundles. Customer service is available in English, French and Cantonese/Mandarin. Rogers was found to be the 2nd fastest ISP in 2015 in Canada.

Rogers uses HSPA+ and LTE networks throughout Canada.

Rogers was the first Canadian carrier to operate a 3G HSPA network in 2006. In 2009, it upgraded to HSPA+ and now operates on 850 MHz in all of the provinces (but not the territories). Currently, Rogers allows download speeds of up to a theoretical 21 Mbit/s.

Rogers launched its LTE network in 2011, and at the end of 2016 announced that LTE could reach 95 percent of Canadians.

That’s all well and good, but you probably want to know what kinds of Rogers plans you can get on that network.

Rogers Internet Overview

Rogers’ initially started their high speed internet service as a work-from-home solution. By the year 2000, the service was rebranded to Rogers@Home and availability was extended to more cities in Ontario and British Columbia.

In 2004, Rogers partnered with Yahoo! to offer Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet to its members. This included service offers unlimited e-mail storage, plus access to Premium Yahoo! Services at no charge, including a Flickr PRO account. Customers with websites previously hosted by Rogers were offered the option of transferring to ca.geocities.com addresses. (Unike regular GeoCities websites, these were ad-free for existing accounts, although those for new customers had drop-down ads.)

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All such websites were discontinued with the closure of GeoCities on 27 October 2009. Although still partnered with Yahoo!, Rogers dropped Yahoo! from its services name in 2008.

In mid-2009, Rogers discontinued giving free Flickr Pro accounts to all Rogers customers and switched all accounts to the free version while allowing old pictures and videos to be stored even though it was over the allowed limit. Rogers Mail accounts continue to be provided by Yahoo!.

Rogers introduced fibre to the home (FTTH) residential internet service in 2012. It is only available is select areas of Toronto, ON and Moncton, NB.

In March 2015, Rogers introduced a streamlined package structure, known as Rogers Ignite. The Ignite packages are aimed primarily towards streaming media, with the majority of the packages offering no usage caps. In October 2015, Rogers launched Ignite Gigabit Internet, which supports 4K resolution streaming to Rogers Cable NextBox 4K receivers.

In November 2015, Rogers launched a Fido-branded home internet service in its Ontario markets, offering a 30 Mbit/s package with a 300 GB bandwidth cap, and discounts for Fido mobile customers.

Rogers Internet Offers

Rogers Internet

Rogers offers cable Internet using the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard. They also offer value-added services such as Internet security computer software.

Cable Internet from Rogers is branded as “Hybrid Fibre”, to indicate that on the coaxial cable in customers’ homes, the frequencies used for Internet service are separate from those used for Rogers’ cable television service. Available at a variety of speeds, from Lite (10 Mbit/s down, 1 Mbit/s up) to Ultimate (250 Mbit/s down, 20 Mbit/s up) tiers. Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Ultimate Fibre’s speeds are 350 Mbit/s down and 350 Mbit/s up. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate and Ultimate Fibre’s usage caps had been increased dramatically to 1 TB/month and 2 TB/month respectively.

Those who do not subscribe to television services from Rogers cannot access most analog cable channels. Channels 2 to 6, however, can be legally watched without a subscription. These channels are also available over the air, with the exception of the TV guide on channel 4.

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Rogers Hi-Speed Internet users may be warned, through their browser via Rogers-injected code, that they have reached 75% or 100% of their monthly limit. This message explains that there will be charges for additional usage after the 100% warning for exceeding their limit. The overcharge fees are charged on a per-gigabyte basis, rounded down to the nearest gigabyte. Overage costs as low as $0.50 for the high-end Ultimate plan, but costs as much as $4.00 for the low-end Lite plan. All plans except for Lite are DOCSIS 3.0 compatible.

Rogers confirmed that it is using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to power a new broadband service tier that provides upload and download speeds of up to 350Mbit/s (symmetric). The tier, called Rogers Ultimate Fibre Internet, is currently available only in parts of Toronto and the MSO’s Atlantic region, which includes Moncton. According to Rogers, this is not a beta but in fact a first market rollout of fibre to the home service; meaning rogers is likely to expand this to other areas. The service comes with a monthly 2-terabyte usage limit. Pricing is listed at $225.99 CAD[11] per month as of October 30, 2013. This new service is based on GPON.

Rogers Internet Rate

Let’s head to the categories that covers rogers internet;

Talk and text plans

Rogers has three standard talk and text options. The basic plan gets you 150 minutes of Canada-wide calling for $25 per month. You can opt for unlimited local calls and messaging or unlimited Canada-wide calls and messaging for $35 per month or $40 per month respectively.

The latter two plans also include “Roam like Home” so you don’t have to worry about roaming charges when traveling around the country. Those rates apply month to month, but with a two-year contract, you’ll get major discounts on smartphones, or get a free flip phone — you won’t need much more than that if you’re only using talk and text.

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Smartphone Data plan

Rogers recently upgraded their plans and offers a lot more data now. With the 3GB plan (previously 1GB) that gives you unlimited local calls, you’re looking at $80 per month. An extra $5 per month on any plan will bump you up to unlimited Canada-wide calling. Unlimited messaging is included either way.

If you need more data, jumping up to 4GB will cost $85 per month, and 8GB will cost you $100 per month. These go all the way up to 82GB for $405 per month. Every smartphone plan above comes with a free six-month subscription to Spotify.

Rogers does offer two non-share plans, but that includes just 250MB or 500MB of data and are priced at $25 per month and $60 per month respectively. The cheaper plan also gets you just 50 minutes of Canada-wide calling and a 100 text messages.

Rogers Tv

Rogers service of my childhood: cable TV.

Rogers offers a 35-channel starter package for $24.99 per month. This gives you the basics, like CBC, Global, Fox, City, and more.

After that, you get three bundle options. Select gives you local and network TV, live sports, and one bonus channel of your choice for $49.99 per month. Popular offers everything from Select, but with movies, sports, and kids channels, as well as one bonus channel for $74.99 per month. Finally, Premier gives you everything in Popular plus a wide selection of movie and lifestyle channels, along with one bonus channel, for $99.99 per month.

The exact channels you get will vary depending on which province or territory you’re in, and even on whether your TV is HD or SD, so check the offerings wherever you are before you commit.

Though rogers internet can’t be compared with bell network, the it data plan are cheaper or quite okay.


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