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Airtel Double Data Offer 2019: How To Be Eligible

Right now in 2019 and you are still not enjoying the airtel double data ooffe, in Dbanj's voice "you're on a long thing". People are enjoying double data offer from glo, airtel and even mtn. But I can't say for 9mobile(Etisalat) as i don't really make use of them cause of high cost of internet data and

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Airtel Data Plan For Android With Subscription Codes

This post entails all the Airtel data plan for Pc, IPhone, Android or any smartphone with internet access with prices and subscription codes in 2018. You all not need to be told that airtel data plan or bundle is currently one of the cheapest or probably the cheapest internet data bundle that you can get at the

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[Hot] Airtel 4.6GB for N200 & 23GB for N1000 Blazing

You might think this airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N100 is a big joke right? But the truth is that it is really blazing. Right now this is the best and very cheapest internet data you can get in Nigeria. Mind you i've tested and confirmed this airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000 working on all

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New Airtel Double Data Offer: How To Be Eligible

How to know if you are eligible for the new airtel double data offer. It's not a news that some of our local network providers are giving us double data offer whereby you get times two of any internet data you subscribed for. Few months back, the likes of mtn and 9mobile network stopped theirs and recently Airtel seemed

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