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Tecno Power Bank: All That You Need To Know

Tecno power bank seems to be on the trend but there's something that we don't know about the portable charger. In this post, i will educate you on the truth about the said tecno power bank 80000mAh and others that you have seen. Tecno brand is now a popular brand in Nigeria when it comes to smartphones

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Best Power Bank Price in Nigeria 2018

Get the best power bank price in Nigeria in 2018 and upwards and sold on jumia, Kinga or any retail shop around you. Demand for power bank is at high rate and caused by the inadequate power supply in the country. I've been using power bank or best called portable charger for the past 5 years and have also

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Top 5 Best Portable Charger in 2017: Android, IPhone And Ipad

This article will give you full details on the best portable charger or power bank for your iPhone, iPad, Android, windows phone and gadgets in 2017 Portable charger are now very common in the world thanks to mostly Chinese manufacturers who are the highest manufacturers or producers of portable charger mostly called Power Bank.  Here in this country

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