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Tecno Power Bank: All That You Need To Know

Tecno power bank seems to be on the trend but there’s something that we don’t know about the portable charger. In this post, i will educate you on the truth about the said tecno power bank 80000mAh and others that you have seen.

Tecno brand is now a popular brand in Nigeria when it comes to smartphones and phone accessories and most of them very affordable to Nigerians. Since tecno became very popular and seems to have trusted customers in this country, private individualsnow use the band name tecno to boost their products.

The truth many Nigerians doesn’t know about the said tecno power bank is that tecno brand is not the manufactures of those power banks that you are seeing. Be it tecno 80000mAh power bank or 20000mah capacity, they are all fake and indeed not from tecno itself. Another truth is that tecno does not produce mobile accessories they use for their smartphone but rather another brand which is oraimo produce those accessories for them. Accessories like ear piece, usb cable, screen guard etc but charger is not included.

They oraimo have their own power bank which is very good and they don’t produced portable charger for tecno. So all these tecno power bank you see on retail shops are 100% fake and not good for your smartphone for a bit. It is just private individuals that are using the brand name tecno to attract people and too boost the sales of their portable charger.

If you want to buy a portable charger(power bank) for your smartphone or gadget, try and get Romoss , Oraimo, Anker, Xiaomi, New Age etc. But there are some smartphone brands that also produce portable chargers. Company like Samsung, Xiaomi, IOS etc and their power bank(original) are quite expensive but really good and durable.

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Tecno power bankBet you know the huge problem that comes with charging your phone with fake portable charger, it might blow up your while charging your phone, damage your phone battery or the phone itself. It is very dangerous using a fake power bank especially if you value your handset or gadget.

Some of you might com with the fact that jumia Nigeria is selling these fake tecno power bank, but please note that it is not jumia but rather their merchant(s). Jumia itself doesnt sell any power bank but rather it is their merchants that do sell it. I’m not trying to defend jumia here but rather say the truth and i’ve bought four power bank from them and they are all original.

Let me say this again, if you want to buy a Power bank go for romoss, anker, xiaomi, oraimo, new age. Or if you want to go for a smartphone brand then go for Samsung(the original is costly), xiaomi or IOS.

For the last time tecno power bank is 100% fake and don’t go for it at all.

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