Most people doesn’t know what is a vpn, handler vpn and how to use handler vpn to bypass network restriction and surf the net for free. One can also use a vpn handler to hide identity and surf anonymously without having any issues especially with a good vpn handler.

This post covers what is Vpn handler and how to use handler vpn for free browsing or to browse anonymously in this 2017.

How to use handler vpn

What is vpn handler

From my own understanding, VPN handler is a vpn that is modded in other to contain a personal settings of different networks all over the world. If you have a vpn that doesn’t feature a handler, you can’t insert your own network settings to it rather you will use the pre-installed settings.

Vpn handler is common on Android platform with only openvpn connect available for iPhone and windows mobile. Like for example openvpn connect which is available for all platforms while psiphon handler, http Injector and NetLoop are only for Android.

Psiphon handler  is undoubtedly the best and easiest handler vpn to use and recommended to all, though it isn’t entirely secured like http Injector or openvpn.

If you are looking for the best secured handler vpn then openvpn connect or http injector you will have to go for. But bear in mind that they are not easily configured to browse with your settings.

How to Use Handler VPN in 2017

Please note that you should configure any handler vpn based on your network internet settings.  I see people from different countries of the world asking me about vpn handler handler settings of their region.

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This is difficult as i don’t know anything about your country and their internet network and won’t be able to tell you the actual settings to use.

This article is just to educate you on how to use a vpn handler to browse for free or anonymously and we’ll be using psiphon handler.

Psiphon handler as a vpn handler

You  downloaded and installed psiphon handler, when you open it, the first thing you will see is the handler menu. In the handler menu you will insert your network settings or the settings you want to.

For all psiphon handler and it’s related versions, the proxy type plays a huge role. There you will select http, host, real host, reverse proxy, dual real host and custom header. I will tell you to select bet no proxy or real host though depends on your network.

Another that plays a huge role is the proxy server. In this option you are required to input your working settings. Sometimes you may not need to use this especially if you have a strong and working ip and port.

When you click OK, try to stop the psiphon handler from connecting by disconnecting it. Locate where it states more options and click on it, scroll down to use the following settings and tick it. In the host address and port input your ip and port(make sure the ip is perfectly working or else don’t input any).

Press back for it to save and exit the psiphon handler. Reopen it again and connect. Let me tell you this if you don’t have any free Internet settings, just connect your handler like the way it is but try and select USA in the region.

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This two are not easy to configure especially for a novice. The two requires a file or a server for it to connect and each server expires after a period of time unlike psiphon handler.

There are multiple sites or apps that offer openvpn Server for free with only requiring you to configure it or to browse with it like it is.

If you don’t have a free Internet settings, go to Google play store and download ovpnspider for your free servers. Select between USA, UK AND CANADA, click on any desired file and it will automatically import on its own.

If you installed openvpn connect, click connect after importing the file but if it is just openvpn it will connect on its own.

There are other tons of handler vpn like ultrasurf, Hotspot shield etc but the ones mentioned here are for browsing and the easiest to understand.

This is all i can say for now but if you have any handler vpn that you don’t know how to use it please state it below and i will attend to you thanks.