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Viper4Android Fx For Android: How To Install It

Do you need ultra bass sound in your android phone, you should install viper4android Fx which gives you extra features on your music player.

Viper4Android fx is the best audio sound equalizer you can get for your android phone, just that it requires one to root its device. I use this audio equalizer and i must to you that the sound is simply amazing. Listening to songs from radio stations and music is lot better with good quality bass and clarity.

If you must have viper4android then you must root your phone and if you have rooputed your phone  you are good to go. You need not to worry about installation guide of viper 4 android, i will walk you through it by giving you a detailed guide on how to about it. All you have to do is to download and install Viper 4 Android fx on your smartphone and follow the basic guide here(download the latest links below this post).

One thing i want you to is that this audio equalizer app called viper4android is not on Google play store and the one you see there or other audio equalizer apps on play store are not a bit up to this one.

What is Viper4android

Basically, you can say that viper 4 android Fx is an audio equalizer app designed for android OS which helps to enhance sound quality in any android phone. It also helps to improve the speakers volume of your phone or the earphones volume.

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  • Amplify the speakers sound.
  • Increase the earphones volume.
  • Enhance the clarity of sound.
  • Enhance the playback gain.

Requirements For Viper4Android Fx

Rooted device

ES File Explorer

Viper4Android Zip file

Dolby Atmos Zip

Don’t worry i’ve provided the download links below this post.

How to install Viper4Android


  1. First your phone must be rooted(very compulsory).
  2. You must have custom recovery TWRP on your android phone.
  3. Download viper4android and save it on your internal storage. You create a separate folder and save it there.
  4. Turn off and reboot your android smartphone into the TWRP custom recovery mode.
  5. In TWRP mode, select install and flash the downloaded Viper4Android Zip and reboot system.
  6. On your phone, locate ES file explorer, swipe from left and enable the root explorer.
  7. Go to local<device<vender<etc. In the etc folder, you will find this zip file named as “audio_effects.confc”(Not the quotes). Rename the file as “audio_effects.confc.bak”
  8. Open the Viper4android application on your phone and it will ask to install the drivers, click on “YES” and your phone will be stuck on for two minutes. Do not worry while it is stuck, it will just install the necessary drivers.
  9. A pop-up will appear on screen asking for a reboot. Reboot your android OS.
  10. And that’s it, you have installed Viper4Android successfully on your phone.

Viper4Android settings

After installation  next is viper 4 android settings. Though you can set it up based on your preference, but here’s how i did mine.

Open the viper 4 android app and choose one among headset, phone speaker, Bluetooth device, and USB dock mode. Toggle on the Master power and you will definitely see the changes in the audio amplification. Then you are good to go guys, enjoy the stunning music that the viper 4 android will produce on your smartphone.

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Download Links

Dolby Atmos

ES File Explorer

Viper4Android zip


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