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Wenz vpn apk

Wenz VPN Apk Download For Android

Wenz vpn apk download for all android phone and tablet which can be used for free net or to browse anonymously in 2018.

Wenz vpn apk is a free vpn , developed by wenz609 of symbianize or a.k.a Wendell Gallenero in 2011. This free vpn not only work in Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun but all the network in the world as you can use it to bypass restricted sites. The free vpn app is very popular in Philippines, Indonesia  India etc but not as popular as Psiphon handler.

Wenz vpn apkAccording to Wenz609

WenzVpnFree, Unlimited Internet 24/7 for FREE. I don’t mind sacrificing an amount out of my pocket for the servers monthly bill. I just want everybody happy. Giving credits might be enough for me. SHARING IS BLESSING.”

For example, if you are the type of person that usually download apps or games from Google play store,one or two times you will come across apps that states  “not available for your country”, the only solution to it is by using a vpn which wenz vpn apk is capable of doing for you.

Features of Wenz vpn apk


  • Wenz app helps you to stream on different sites flawless and very fast.
  • With its unlimited bandwidth you can download any file size and at high speed.
  • You can play online games using wenz vpn apk.
  • Unlimited free browsing is one good features of this free vpn app.
  • Most free vpn don’t offer unlimited bandwidth but wenz vpn does that.
  • You will get vip server and premium
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One similarities between wenz apk, openvpn and http injector is that you will have to do import their server file before you can connect it.

How To Use Wenz Vpn

Wenz vpn apkJust like http injector and ehi file, you will download the vpn app and it’s server file which is called wvc config file. You will need to create your own working wvc config file properly else it will not work. You will have to do this based on your network preference.

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After creating your config file, you will have to import the wvc file into your wenz vpn apk and click connect. Note that it works on all android phone, be it any type of version you have. 

Wenz vpn apk download

The download links for both the vpn and its wvc config file is below;

Wvc config file

Wenz vpn apk download


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