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What Is Black Data: How To Use Black Data

What is black data and how to use it are the two question anyone will ask if you are seeing it for the very first time. 

The name might sound weird to you right, but in real sense black data is a data plan by cell c offered to its subscribers to download, stream on the black entertainment which was launched by cell c itself. Now you see that it is just like other internet data plan out there, and the reason black was introduced is to safe cost of streaming online and also downloading of files on the internet.

So if you’re good in streaming videos online or downloading games, apps, files and you’re cell c subscriber, there’s no way or a reason why you shouldn’t go for this data plan. So first let’s look into what black data is.

What is black Data

Let me elaborate this in a more detailed way. Cell c introduced a streaming service or platform called black which offers clients all-round entertainment by allowing users to view video-on-demand by streaming. The service was superb as it featured both local and international content which really made it more appealing. If you love movies, games, sports etc you will find it there.

How does black dataswork

Now you know what the data plan is all about, next is how does black data work. This is pretty simple, this is strictly available to only cell c subscribers who are on prepaid plan and also on Pinnacle, LTE-A, C-Fibre Connector, SmartData, or Connector. Then afterwards you need to create account with them and after which you can subscribe to any of black data plans. Their prices are as follows;

  • 1GB – R149
  • 2GB – R249
  • 3GB – R299
  • 5GB – R399
  • 10GB – R599
  • 20GB – R799
  • 30GB – R899
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Black data

How to use Black Datas

How to use black data? First you will be sure that you meet the requirements, know the plan which you want to subscribe for. Secondly register or create account on black entertainment, buy your desired cell c black plan by dialing *147# on your phone and you are good to go. Stream and download till your data bundle runs out.

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So now i’ve answered you on what is black data used for and how to use cell c BD, it’s left for you to try it and gives your feedback.

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