Xp Psiphon apk just like http is a tunnel software or a vpn which can be used to bypass or unblock blocked websites or browse anonymously.

Xp Psiphon is not only used as a vpn, but also in terms of free browsing but it in the case that you have a working settings. For example the mtn N0.0k free browsing settings can be used on this vpn or even the mtn mPulse tweak through xp psiphon config file.

Just like http injector, Xp Psiphon VPN is a free tool that allows you to set custom HTTP header and connect your SSH/Proxy to help you access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server using build-in Android VPN. It can be used to hide your IP, appear anonymous online or even change your location while on the web.

Http injector file format is ehi while xp psiphon config file is xp, and you can import or export your settings.

Xp Psiphon Apk Review

Xp Psiphon apk

The vpn app is lightweight and bit easy to use or understand compared to http injector. The interface is nice with a good navigation, colour and the fonts are easy to read. The app have both vpn option and handler menu option for tweaks.

Xp Psiphon apk doesn’t require you to to create user name, password and server host like http injector, everything is right on the app for you to configure or set up. I also noticed that the app doesn’t have in app ads, so you don’t need to fear about battery draining using this vpn app.

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If not configured properly, it won’t work for a bit so you’ll need to set it up based on your country iso setting.

Xp Psiphon Apk Settings

To get this app working for you, you will have to follow the guide below;

1. First download and install xp psiphon apk.

2. Open the app and click on tools>>Host Checker and type in the correct url like for example mtnonline.com, Etisalat.com, airtel.com. This is where you will type in a working host url of the settings you have. You will also have to type in the correct port like 8080, 80, 8081 etc.

3. Click on the “get” drop down menu and set it to post or head.

3. Click on check  button to see if it is working or not. If it didn’t work then you should know that you didn’t get the settings correctly and you have to try again.

4. If it correct, click on the navigation menu option and click on Xp Generator.

5. There you will have to type in the IP and Port, and in real proxy type select http or leave it on default.

6. In proxy type tick http or otherwise if you know what you’re doing.

7. In remote proxy tick enable http proxy and also use port.

8. Lastly tick new server and click on generate. It will take you to the front page which you will select your desired server(country). It includes countries like USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Japan and Netherlands etc.

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9. After that click on connect and you’re good to go. If you get it right, xp psiphon apk will connect within 10 – 15 seconds.

You can also import a working xp config file to your vpn app and connect it.

Download and import xp psiphon config file for mtn

You can download xp psiphon config file for mtn and import it into your app. Note that it doesn’t expire like http injector unless mtn blocks it.

1. First download Xp Psiphon apk here and the Config file here

2. Then launch your Xp psiphon vpn app.

3. Tap on the triple dot (settings) at the right side above.

4. From the options, select Config.

5. Then tap on Import Config.

6. Now️ locate the xp Config file you downloaded and import it.

7. You will receive a success message.
After successful importation, you will see notes and credits for the configuration
Next, select “United State” as server and tap on the CONNECT button.

8. It should connect after few seconds and you’re good to go.

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So that’s it on xp psiphon apk config file 2019 for android, if you have any problem on connecting it, please feel free to ask your questions.